Please sign this petition, no animal deserves to die because a human can’t be bothered with it any more! Or they don’t care when their dogs constantly have pups.

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By Renee L. Miller


As a past supporter of the MHS and an animal advocate, it came to my attention that the MHS has an alarming and disturbing rate of euthanasia.

It is my plea that MHS adheres to its mission and stop the needless killing of 66 dogs and cats in your shelters EVERY SINGLE DAY. In 2011, the Michigan Humane Society’s own report to the Michigan Department of Agriculture reveals that the shelter killed 17,265 animals that year / (52 weeks a year * 5 days a week = 260 days) = 66 animals killed per day / 7 hours per day = 9.5 animals killed per hour). Call for the resignations of the two men who are responsible for this: Mr. Cal Morgan, Executive Director, and Mr. David Williams, COO. Animals in their care are being killed at a rate…

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