PLEASE NOTE… I made an error in the original title of this post, as a direct result it was automatically  sent to Twitter; thus the tweet was incorrect, along with the URL; which is why I have re-posted instead of editing.  

The complaint is against the “Let Em Run Foundation”…NOT… “Wild Horse Foundation”; as I incorrectly typed in error as the title.

“My sincere apologies to “Wild Horse Foundation” for any inconvenience my mistake may have caused. I can only apologise & say that it was a genuine mistake on  my part, for which I am deeply sorry for! I am re-posting so that the error on the URL can be also corrected !

VIRGINIA CITY, NV ( & KRNV) –  A local wild horse preservation foundation is facing three misdemeanor charges filed with the Storey County District Attorney’s office this week.

The criminal complaint lists the Let ‘Em Run Foundation, with Failure to brand or mark animals grazing on open range, abandoning an animal and causing or allowing an animal to be unjustifiably injured and/or to be deprived of necessary food or drink; all misdemeanor offenses.

According to a report done by the Nevada department of Agriculture, eight horses were adopted by the foundation in Carson City in December 2011.  Those horses were transported to property owned by Lance Gilman in Storey County where they were let out on what was supposed to be properly fenced in private land.  Ed Foster,, Spokesperson with the Department of Agriculture, says the horses should have been branded by the new owner and were not. He also says one of the horses got out and they found it near McCarren and Clear Water Way in Reno.

Lacy J. Dalton runs the Let ‘Em Run Foundation. She was not available and did not return our phone calls prior to the airing of this story. Willis Lamm and Shirley Allen are also listed as Defendants. They were in Carson City today during a demonstration against the capturing and selling of Virginia Range wild horses.  They say this complaint is unjustified.

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