“WTF…speechless at such barbaric cruelty…Can only thank God the rescuers found him, before he strangles to death!”

A dog was rescued from a hideous torture in the city of Taiyuan in north China, where animal cruelty is not illegal, by a group of rescuers who got a fright when they saw to what he had been subjected for many years.

The dog was wearing a shackle on the neck, like a collar, enormously thick, so he could barely move his head. What’s worse is that apparently it was set since he was a puppy and as his size increased, the pressure was growing.

“As the dog grew, the necklace hanged him slowly, a little more each day,” said the rescuers, who assume that the animal was used to work in a field.

“We are struck before such cruelty  We are trying to find the culprits,” said a police spokesman who also explained that the animal is recovering in a shelter.

News Link:http://m24digital.com/en/2012/09/14/dog-tortured-with-shackles-is-rescued-in-china/