“WTF….I have been sat here over 30 minutes, crying, thinking of something to say apart from the USUAL torrent of abusive words…yet my anger only intensifies the more I think about this innocent being! For the love of God, what pathetic excuse of a human could do this, & without conscience, obviously; because they tossed him out, knowing he would die a cruel & torturous death. Someone blatantly put a collar or rope around that dog’s neck, to intentionally cause harm. It’s clear the dog wasn’t loved, he was skin & bone, so that same inhumane person, purposefully denied that dog food! In fact…one can not call a person that does this human…they are so far removed from being human that they are the animal…a sick one at that!”

“I am not a violent person, never have been (which proves the point that children growing up in an abusive situation, don’t always turn out bad, in my case it was the opposite, & don’t mind saying so)… however, seeing things like this, make me feel like a monster, for thinking such resentment & anger towards the hybrid that did this…because I just want to face the evil son of a bxxxh & $%)£%^/;#  them!.. But on reflection, I am human, surely any normal human being with a heart, would be as disgusted & affronted by such a sigh???!”

“Therefore, I beg anyone that lives in or around Butler County, to think, hard…who have you seen with a dog like this, it may have been healthy at one point, please, somebody knows who owned this dog…if you have any empathy in your heart, or a conscience, please tell the local police…do it anonymously if you have to…because the hybrid that did this does not belong in any normal human society…they are sick & need to be caught, not only to pay for their crime against this innocent; but to stop them from causing further harm to any other living being!”


The EVIL BASTARD that did this needs catching ASAP

For animal lovers, the unthinkable has happened to a dog in Butler County.  Someone partially constricted the dog’s airway and dropped him off in the Rochester area.

Last Friday, Mike Porter of Rochester, received a call from the local ferry operator saying he had seen a black boxer, he thought, walking around that was in need of care.  Mike, and his wife Kathy, are known for their compassion toward animals in the county.

“I thought he was talking about the black and white boxer that someone had dropped at the bait shop in Rochester and we had already found that dog a home,” said Porter.

Then we started getting other calls about the black dog, so Kathy and I starting driving around looking for him,” said Porter.

The Porters found the dog on Monday afternoon.  Someone had constricted the dog’s airway causing his head to swell and preventing him from eating.


“When I picked him up his body was bones and his head so large he was top heavy,” said Porter.
Porter took the dog to Dr. Ayer in Hartford, Kentucky.

Once the constriction was removed the dog was treated and was able to eat a few bites of food and drink.  Dr. Ayer discovered the dog had a fractured tracheal.  She was planning on doing surgery on Thursday but the dog died Wednesday night.

A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the abuse of this animal.

News Link:-http://www.beechtreenews.com/articles/animal-abuse-dog-dies-after-airway-constricted

Comment left on the page: Submitted by Mike and Kathy … (not verified) on Sat, 15/09/2012 – 11:08pm

“Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond. The pictures you see do not adequately depict the extent of the injuries because the worst pictures were just too graphic to post. The majority of the details were withheld at our request because we did not want to give another perverted person out there any ideas. This was a calculated, malicious, horrible crime that should be punished. The suffering this animal endured for weeks maybe months- as it died a slow, painful death is unimaginable. If you heart is not broken by what you know, believe me if you could have seen this dog in person, it would be. We brought “Chance” home and buried him alongside our beloved pets so that at least in death he would be near someone who would have cared for him and loved him if we had only found him in time. Please, let me urge you if you know or suspect and animal is being neglected or abused – call the sheriff – take it to the shelter – do something to help! It’s only when more people get involved that we can stop these horrors.”

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