“I don’t know what happened to this little guy but he sure is a fighter, I’m sending loving prayers so that his pain ends soon; & he can live as a cat should. I know Victor & all at Lets Adopt global will do all they can for him.  Losing both eye’s will be very traumatic for little Samson, but I’m sure he will manage!”

“I have a dog with no eyes, both taken out within a week…nobody even notices he has no eyes…as long as furniture in the home is not moved, he can get around with my other dogs; who have bells on, so he knows where they are at all times.”

If you are reading this you are likely to be an animal rescuer, or least to like animals beyond what the general public finds “normal”.


If you are reading this you are also likely to spot an animal in trouble when others just see nothing.

I’ve named him Samson and I must admit I nearly missed this little man... just by looking at these pictures you will understand why.

I found him in exactly the same place where I found Monkey about already three months ago. He was stumbling on the side, right next to the garbage container. At first from the car, I thought he may been a rat or a mouse, it was dark and he black, but rats don’t stumble and fall, this was a kitty and he was in trouble.

Stopped the car, and I grabbed him, there was not much left in him skin and bones, not much of either. Samson weighs little over 100 grams. A hundred grams of skin, bit of fur, infection, pus, fleas… and whole lot of PRIDE!!!!

What a cat!!! Never seen anything like it… I mean, he’s got everything going against him, he’s totally malnourished, who knows when he ate last. One of his eyes is totally gone. Instead of eye fluid, he hadpuss and infection, the other eye has severe keratitis and we don’t know if well be able to save it., and he’s black which unfortunately makes him nearly invisible as he barely comes in pictures as more than a black dot against whatever background we choose. But against all odds, this is a cat that won’t be brought down, a true survivor. Samson defines the word attitude.

Samson wants to go on with life. He doesn’t mind about loosing sight, or having to fight for weeks in order to get rid of the virus that has caused his condition, he just lives the moment as only a cat can do.

We are first going to stabilise his conditionimprove his anaemiareduce infection, and then we will operate his eye. Once this source of infection and pain is gone, he will be more comfortable and with our help his body will be able to focus on fixing the rest, on healing, on growing, on BECOMING THE CAT HE WANTS TO BE… minus the eye (and the fleas).

This is Samson, a name that signifies both strength and weakness. This is Samson, and he’ll only make it, if we help him.   I leave you with a video of him, hopefully you will see and feel what I see and feel.

After he is recovered fully Samson will need a final home… If you feel you are HIS family please contact me on viktor@myletsadopt.com

“Can you help with vet & medical cost towards Samson, if so, no matter how much, click the link below!”

News Link & ChipIn to help with  Samson’s treatment:-http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2012/09/18/ive-never-seen-so-much-pride-in-a-kitty-you-must-see-this/

Video of Samson, showing how bad his eye’s really are, viewer discretion is advised

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This is Samson, I have just picked him up from the garbage container