These intelligent animals deserve more than to be torn away from their home and families and treated as moneymaking breeding machines. Please contact National Marine Fisheries Service & say NO to captivity!!!

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The Georgia Aquarium has applied for a permit to import 18 wild-caught beluga whales from Russia as part of an initiative to breed them for exhibition at aquariums and marine parks across the country. Beluga whales are sensitive marine mammals with complex physical and psychological needs. Shipping them like cargo across the world only to confine them to an aquarium for the rest of their lives is cruel and unjustifiable. Because importing these animals is such a controversial move, there is a public comment period for the next 60 days, and we need your voice to make sure that the whales stay put!

People are captivated by beluga whales, but when confined to aquariums, these fascinating marine mammals continue to live in misery long after visitors return home with their pictures and memories. Most captive whales die prematurely and live to only half the age of their wild brothers…

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