“A beautiful & inspirational video, pray these animals still roam the planes of Africa for Century’s to come”

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Celebrate the RHINO with us this World Rhino Day, September 22, 2012.

“The Rhino’s Song” with it’s beautiful footage of rhino (compliments of South African filmmaker Ryan Sean Davy) presents a unique wildlife conservation perspective highlighting the undeniable link between all of our planet’s creatures. 
We see how in the depths of the rhino’s plight an lies an opportunity for us humans to be renewed and save not only the rhino, but ourselves.

The Rhino’s Song
As the first chords of the great song rang out across the dark, this magnificent universe witnessed the coming of light!

Here, at this sacred time, beauty, creativity, and inspiration held true!

And so too was the rhythm of Africa. The heartbeat of earth. Along with it strode the Rhino, the ‘Keeper of the African Song’.

This rhythm represented a time of creation and camaraderie, a great balance of the elements. And such was life. – Sentient, and curious. Everything was born through these palpitations of time. It is here that we begin to see the correlations of creations being not so different.

Fragile graphite transforms into diamond over time and under immense pressures.

Now, after millennia, and uncountable sorrows and hardships withstood, humanity is ready to undergo our own transformation. Ready to become unbreakable in our make up, and filled with the joy of our prospects. 

We are ready to change, and with that, ready to save the rhino who sacrificed so much to remove the veil of greed from our eyes.

Millions of people around the world are awakening to this simple truth. They have summoned the courage to resist conformity and deny mediocrity. Men and women to match the mountains, striving to heal the wounds of earth.

For us, we will prove this realization with the survival of our rhino.

This tale of powerful beast to tragic target has bestowed on us the knowledge and power to create change in more than the opinions of mankind, but also in our destiny – which is made known in the silence of our actions.

Written by:
Jessica Immelman, Alex Rodel and Warren Freimond

Video produced by:
Jessica Immelman, Alex Rodel and Warren Freimond