‘Mad at the dog’ US boy hangs it to ‘see it die’

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In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, a 12-year-old California boy allegedly hanged his small dog on a door handle because he wanted to “see it die”.

The boy’s sister, tried to intervene to stop him from hanging the terrier mix, but he battered her and drove her off, say cops.

“I was mad at the dog, so I killed it,” the unidentified juvenile casually told investigators after the Friday incident in Salinas, police said

“I wanted to see it die,” the boy purportedly boasted, the ‘New York Daily News‘ reported.

Police found the canine corpse after the boy’s sister called 911 and blurted out: “He’s hurting the dog,”.”She was trying to intervene, and he battered her,” Officer Miguel Cabrera told The News.”So she left the apartment with a second dog, trying to protect it.

Investigators visited the address for a welfare check a short time later and could hear a loud TV blaring inside, though nobody answered, he said.

They were able to gain entry into the building with a pass key, and officers found the motionless 12-pound terrier mix hanging by its collar from a bedroom door handle, police said.

The boy came out of the same bedroom and “spontaneouslyadmitted his role in the heinous act.

He was booked in Monterey County Juvenile Hall for battery on his sister and felony cruelty to an animal, Cabrera said.

News Link:-http://www.business-standard.com/generalnews/news/mad-atdog-us-boy-hangs-it-to-see-it-die/74112/


Florida woman attacks dog with knife ‘to see what it felt like’

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“This is one Sick Bxxxh…’She did it because she wanted to see how it felt’?How revolting her mind is, the poor dog would have been terrified , in shock & pain. This woman is a proper psycho & needs immediate evaluation. She shouldn’t be allowed to own or be around animals ever again! What if she gets another desire & wants to stick a dog on a BBQ to see how it feels?  I would like to know how I would feel, punching her in the bloody face?…shame I live the other side of the world!!

On Sunday night, a Jacksonville, Fla. woman allegedly launched a brutal knife attack on her family‘s dog, offering little explanation for the heinous act, aside from a twisted desire to “know what it felt like.”

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office booking photo of Mariessa Caggiano

According to Monday’s publication of New 4 Jax, 22-year-old Mariessa Caggiano was arrested after allegedly stabbing the family’s 10-year-old Labrador retriever more than six times with a large butcher knife.

The victimized dog was initially stabbed in the family’s driveway on Cove Landing Drive.

After the initial stab wound, with the knife still embedded in her body, the dog was able to run from her attacker.

Caggiano gave chase and proceeded to use the same knife to stab the already injured, senior dog at least six more times.

The dog finally collapsed in a neighbor’s yard.

The authorities arrived to the scene after the woman’s own father dialed 911 to report the attack.

Though the critically wounded dog was still alive when authorities rushed her to an emergency veterinarian, she was not expected to survive due to the severity of her multiple injuries.

Caggiano was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals; she remains behind bars, held without bail.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the woman freely admitted to the attack. “She wanted to do it to see how it felt”…

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/florida-woman-attacks-dog-with-knife-to-see-what-it-felt-like

Eid trivia: More animals slaughtered this year

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Eidul Azha saw a 10 to 12 per cent increase in the number of animal sacrifices in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad this year, according to the Pakistan Butchers Welfare Association (PBWA).

Prices of animal hides registered an odd decline. PHOTO: THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE

Talking to The Express Tribune, PBWA President Khurshid Qureshi said the reason behind this increase is that people who could not afford sacrificial animals last year opted to buy shares instead.

He said that last year, around 50,000 animals were slaughtered in Islamabad, which grew to 55,000 this year. Meanwhile, last year Rawalpindi saw around 100,000 animals slaughtered on Eidul Azha, while this year the number increased to 112,000. Qureshi said that the rise in collective sacrifices caused a decline in the number of smaller animals like goats and sheep slaughtered.

Meanwhile, like every Eid, butchers increased their rates on Eidul Azha. Last year, butchers charged Rs2,000 to Rs3,000 for slaughtering a goat or a sheep, while this year they asked for Rs2,500 to Rs4,000. The rate for a bull last year was Rs8,000 to Rs10,000, while this year it increased to the Rs9,000 to Rs12,000 range, depending on the size and weight of the animal, said Qureshi.

Oddly, there was a decline in the prices of animal hides.

In past years, the hide of a goat sold for up to Rs 600, while this year, the price range was Rs200 to Rs300. Similarly, lamb hides sold for Rs500 to Rs1,100 last year, while they only fetched a return of Rs400 to Rs600 this time. Bull hides sold for Rs2,000 to Rs4,000 last year, fell to Rs1,600 to Rs2,800 range.

Mohammad Sharif, who has been a leather trader for the past 10 years, said, “Compared to last year, we received more hides, but due to the lower prices we did not earn the profit we expected.”

According to him there is a certain mafia who decrease the prices for its own self interest.

New Link:http://tribune.com.pk/story/458042/eid-trivia-more-animals-slaughtered-this-year/

MURRIETA: Animal-cruelty suspect charged with elder abuse

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A Murrieta area woman is charged with leaving her ailing mother outside for days, court records show

Janice Deutsch is told to get back as Riverside Animal Control officers take away one of her horses from her home off of Hitt Lane in La Cresta on Sept. 22, 2011. Animal control officers and a group of volunteers seized more than a dozen horses, most of them undernourished, from a property in the rural La Cresta area

A woman accused a year ago of animal cruelty after more than a dozen skinny horses were seized from her 5-acre property west of Murrieta has now been charged with mistreating her elderly mother, court records show.

Janice Susan Deutsch, 47, was charged Oct. 3 with causing great bodily injury on an elderly person, a felony, court records show. She was arrested Oct. 3 and released the next day on $250,000 bond, jail records show. Deutsch is scheduled for arraignment Nov. 29.

Efforts to reach Deutsch on Monday were unsuccessful.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department began investigating Deutsch after she brought her 86-year-old mother, covered in urine and feces, to a hospital in Mission Viejo on Sept. 30, court documents stated. Deutsch’s mother had bleeding bedsores and her legs were locked in a bent position, according to an investigator’s written statement in support of an arrest warrant filed in Riverside County court. She also was dehydrated, sunburned and had feces under her fingernails, court records stated.

Deutsch, who identified herself as her mother’s caregiver, told the investigator her mother became ill Sept. 22 and laid down on a vinyl chaise lounge on the patio of their home on Hitt Road. The house sits on several acres in the rural La Cresta area. Deutsch told the investigator her mother had refused to move for more than a week, soiling herself.

Deutsch said her mother spent hours in the sun on days when temperatures exceeded 100 degrees, the investigator wrote. During that period, Deutsch told the investigator, she hosed her mother down and fed her a small amount of food. Deutsch said her mother had refused medical care and would not cooperate with efforts to help her.

Deutsch told the investigator she didn’t have the strength to move the chaise but later said the gardener had helped move her mother, court records say.

Deutsch said she didn’t call 911 for help because she did not want her mother to be taken to any of the local hospitals, which were not up to her standards, the investigator wrote. On Sept. 30, she enlisted a friend to help drive her mother to Mission Viejo.

Court records indicated Deutsch’s mother was due to be released from the hospital Oct. 3, but it’s unclear where she is living now.

John Hall, a spokesman for the Riverside County district attorney’s office, said the mother is not living with Deutsch.

When animal control officials searched Deutsch’s property Sept. 22, 2011, a representative from Adult Protective Services also came to inspect her house and check on the condition of her elderly mother, Deutsch said at the time.

Deutsch said then she was bullied by authorities and was indignant over the suggestion that her mother and her horses were not receiving proper care.

Animal control officials said authorities were notified in late 2010 that Deutsch’s horses were being neglected and that she failed for months to heed their warnings that she needed to feed them more. When the horses were seized last year, several had become extremely emaciated, authorities said. Animal control officials said they had found no evidence of illness. They said they found poorly maintained stalls, empty water barrels and inadequate hoof care.

Deutsch initially was charged with felony animal cruelty but the charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor.

She has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial in that case, court records show.

Hall said the horses are still in the custody of animal control.

If convicted, Deutsch faces up to nine years in custody in the elder abuse case and one year in the animal cruelty case, Hall said.

News Link:-http://www.pe.com/local-news/riverside-county/murrieta/murrieta-headlines-index/20121029-murrieta-animal-cruelty-suspect-charged-with-elder-abuse.ece?ssimg=767331#ssStory767332

Hundreds of monkeys being bred for laboratories in Europe are killed for growing too large, claims animal rights group

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Animal rights activists have published shocking pictures and video of hundreds of monkeys they claim were killed because they were too big for testing in British laboratories.

The disturbing images show discarded dead monkeys stacked in piles on the floor or dumped in rubbish bins. 

Mutilated bodies can also be seen in a skip awaiting incineration, according to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

The group claims the unwanted healthy primates were given lethal injections in the heart and then burned on a monkey-breeding farm on the holiday island of Mauritius.

British firms are said to pay £260 a time for the animals – but overseas labs are said to only be interested in those weighing less than 3.5kg.

BUAV claims pregnant monkeys and babies are also being slaughtered at the Noveprim breeding farm, a major exporter of as many as 10,000 moneys a year to the UK, Spain and the USA.

BUAV Director Sarah Kite last night called on the British government to order an immediate ban on the import of monkeys from the Indian Ocean island.

‘This is a cruel and senseless slaughter,’ she said. ‘It is unacceptable that monkeys who have been exploited for years are now simply discarded because they are of no further use to this company.

‘These monkeys should be released into the wild so that they can live out the rest of their lives freely. By importing monkeys from this company, the UK is perpetuating this appalling cruelty,’ she added.

Shocking: Animal rights activists have published pictures of hundreds of monkeys they claim were killed because they were too big for testing in British laboratories

Mauritius is the world’s second-largest exporter of long-tailed macaques for research.

Three-quarters of the monkeys are used for toxicology tests on new drugs. The others are tested in studies for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Aids.

In 2011, 518 monkeys were exported to the UK from Mauritius. The previous year, the number was even higher at 1,059. Only America bought more.

BUAV said it believes the killings started at the beginning of October and will continue until the end of next month.

A Noveprim spokesman wasn’t available for comment last night.

News Link:-: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2225035/Hundreds-monkeys-bred-laboratories-Europe-killed-growing-large-claims-animal-rights-group.html#ixzz2An5E1ypo
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YOUR SAY: Shocking animal cruelty in Monash

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DISTURBING cases of animal cruelty are being regularly reported across Monash, including abandoned, beaten and malnourished pets left for dead.

RSPCA figures show inspectors have attended 398 jobs following animal cruelty reports from Monash in the past two financial years.

In 2011-12, animals that had been beaten or wounded, left to starve or were underweight were the most common call-outs for inspectors.

These followed about 100 reports of insufficient food, water and shelter in 2010-11. Dogs and cats were the animals most likely to be abused.

Wildlife Victoria spokeswoman Amy Amato said the organisation was “deeply concerned” by the number of reports.

We as a society have to seriously evaluate these people who inflict pain and suffering on our wildlife,” Ms Amato said.

In one of the worst cases, a baby brushtail possum was brutally bashed before being wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in Huntingdale Primary School for students to find in July this year.

Are animal protection laws tough enough? Tell us below.

Oakleigh South Wildlife Shelter carer Michelle Phillips said the statistics could be much higher, with many cases going unreported.

“I’d be seeing two to three cases a week where animals have been harmed,” Ms Phillips said.

She said the statistics were a reminder for people buying pets to understand their responsibilities.

RSPCA Victoria senior inspector Daniel Bode encouraged residents to report cases where animals had been harmed.

To report a case of animal cruelty, phone the RSPCA on 9224 2222.

News Link:http://waverley-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/animal-cruelty-shocks-experts/


Yes, I give dogs electric shocks and use spike chokers… but I’m NOT cruel, says Hollywood’s favourite pet guru Cesar Millan

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“I’ve heard a lot about Cesar Millan‘s training since the Alan Titchmarsh show. But until I found the right videos I didn’t want to post any story. But I found the one regards the show, plus a slowed down version of what Titchmarsh is talking about when he refers to ‘thumping a dog’. I’m not saying everything he does is bad…watch the videos below to see what you think. I am no animal trainer but have lived with dogs, breeds from German Shepherd’s to Chihuahua’s & horses of all breeds & sizes, since I was knee high to a grasshopper. When working with big animals like horses it’s vital you learn to take note of their body language, because it will save you from getting your butt kicked or hand bitten…all of which I have had done to me, so many times, when I was younger.”

“Going & crying about it to my parents didn’t help, the best advice they gave me was, ‘if you don’t want it to happen again, learn to respect their space & get them to respect yours, they will tell you via their body language if their pissed at you’! It took a long time for me to pick up on such subtle actions as a tail flick to tell me, ‘I’m warning you get out my stable I’m busy eating’ but I finally got it.  I don’t know about other animals, but with horses & dogs the body language is similar, the eye’s, nostrils, lips, chewing & licking, ears, tail…that is how they communicate with us.”

“But there are the usual dick heads who want their dogs tails docked or ears cropped because it’s our preference…to make them look better. If you don’t like a breed the way it is, don’t bloody well buy one…simple! We have no business nor any right to be cutting off bits from animals or de-vocalising them, just because it suits us!! If we are to live in harmony with our pets & understand their needs, wants & desires, then as owners we must learn to listen to what their bodies are telling us!”. 

A week ago, Hollywood ‘dog whisperer’ Cesar Millan scarcely registered in the national consciousness. But now, after a single appearance on ITV’s normally sedate Alan Titchmarsh Show, he has become one of Britain’s most controversial characters.

The normally genial host turned on him, saying: ‘You punish dogs. You hit them. I’ve seen you punch a dog in the throat to get it to behave, and to most people, like myself, this is totally unacceptable as a way of training an animal. You also work with electric shocks and spikes on collars – and that’s pretty barbaric treatment.

Unsurprisingly, the spat triggered an internet frenzy. Many critics were vituperative about Cesar’s controversial methods. Others say the Mexican-born dog trainer – who is rumoured to charge £60,000 to tame Hollywood pets – uses tried-and-tested methods.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Cesar robustly defends his methods.  ‘I am not brutal or cruel to animals,’ he insists. ‘My mission has always been to save dogs – especially troubled and abandoned dogs. I’ve dedicated my life to this. My new TV series is all about saving shelter dogs and rehabilitating them so they can be adopted by good families.’

Cesar insists he uses the more controversial techniques only on what he calls ‘red-zone’ animals: aggressive and abandoned dogs who could never be re-homed without proper training.

He says he never hurts the animals, only touches them lightly. But he also says that spike chokers and electrical devices ‘may be helpful’.

On his website, Cesar says that an electronic dog collar ‘is the most successful’ at stopping unwanted barking, but says owners should seek expert advice before using them.

He says: ‘I use many techniques to rehabilitate dogs. In extreme cases – by which I mean cases where I’m the last resort before a dog is put down – these tools may be helpful. But they are just one of many techniques.

‘The processes I prefer are exercise, discipline and affection. I realise there is debate about what techniques are “best” or right, but I focus on the fundamentals of the problem – the question of why the dog is behaving like he is. Then I know what technique from a wide range of options is the best to solve the problem.’

A-list celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron and Yasmin Le Bon are all fans.

Le Bon’s husband, Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon, last week tweeted:

‘What did Alan Titchmarsh say about Cesar Millan that’s seriously put my wife on the warpath? He should be afraid, very afraid! Cesar Millan is pretty close to holy in this house.’

While animal rights groups voice disquiet about some of his methods, many on the internet seemed to side with Cesar. Jessie from Stoke-on-Trent spoke for many when she posted:

‘There is no point asking a red-zone dog, as they’re called, to sit and offer him a treat.

‘His behaviour demands immediate action to dominate the dog and that is what Cesar does.

‘If people took the trouble to actually watch him at work on his TV show, they might realise that dogs are not children and should never be treated as such.’

Cesar himself insists that calmness is the key to canine obedience. ‘When I approach an animal, I want to demonstrate that I’m calm,’ he says. ‘Then I ask myself what he needs. Both those considerations must come before any needs of the human. If you’re calm, the animal will pick up on that.  I believe a calm dog is a happy, obedient dog that won’t get into trouble.

‘There’s a time for excitement but it isn’t first thing in the morning. Don’t start your dog’s day with excitement.

 We’ve got to become better at listening to what a dog is trying to tell us.  I always start off by teaching the owner to relax before I start working with their dog. Otherwise, they’re influencing their dogs negatively.’

Nor should you judge a dog by its breed, he says. ‘Don’t suspect a rottweiler or a pit bull before you’ve met it. And look at the owner. That will tell you all you need to know about the dog. Dogs d don’t see themselves as breeds. When a beagle meets a pit bull, he’s not thinking: “Are you the one everyone talks about?” They see themselves as individual dogs.’

Wherever your sympathies lie,  43-year-old Cesar’s personal story is extraordinary, even by Hollywood standards. He was born into abject poverty in Culiacan, Mexico, where three generations of his family lived in a one-room shack. His spare time was spent on the farm where his grandfather worked, which is where the young Cesar learnt about dogs.

In December 1990, he left home to seek a new life in America, crossing the border illegally. ‘I wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world. It felt like a calling I couldn’t ignore,’ he says. A decade later he has a 43-acre ranch in Santa Clarita, California, a new house in the affluent Studio City area of LA,  a TV series syndicated to 110 countries, and a string of celebrity clients.

It was a transformation that nearly stalled at the very start. Cesar tried for two weeks to cross the border. ‘Luckily, I was always stopped by the US guards. They’d give you a sandwich and a can of cola and send you back,’ he says. ‘They did not abuse you like the Mexican guards. You d didn’t want to get caught by them.’

CESAR had only $100 to his name – exactly the sum demanded by a man who told him that he could get him over the border into America. ‘He was a dirty, skinny guy,’ he says. ‘But for some reason, my gut told me that I could trust him.’

That night, they stood up to their chests in water in a hole while they watched until the border guards changed shift. ‘That’s when we ran for it across the border and into a sewage tunnel, where I was told to wait.’

The man eventually returned in a taxi that took Cesar to the American town of Chula Vista. For weeks, he slept rough, sweeping floors and washing cars to get enough money to eat. Then he got a job in a dog-grooming parlour – despite not speaking a word of English – after demonstrating that he could calm a snarling spaniel. The parlour’s owners even allowed him to sleep there.

Cesar taught himself English by listening to the radio. Two months later, he moved to downtown LA. ‘My goal was Disneyland or Hollywood, the home of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin – the dogs that inspired me to come to America,’ he says. ‘Our dogs on the ranch back home didn’t do tricks like them. I found out later, of course, that there were lots of Lassies, lots of Rin Tin Tins so the whole thing was fake.

It was in LA that his reputation as a dog whisperer began to grow. ‘The LA Lakers played basketball nearby.  A lot of them had rottweilers and pit bulls that were causing problems, and  I started dealing with them,’ he says.

Music producer Tony Spoon heard about Cesar and asked him to train his rottweiler, Kanji. Spoon’s friend Jada Pinkett – Hollywood actress and  Mrs Will Smith – was so impressed she asked if he would train a dog for her.

‘She wanted me to see her two rottweilers who were pretty much out of control. She introduced me to Will, but I didn’t know who he was, either. It was only when the movie Independence Day came out [in 1996] that I realised who  I was dealing with.

‘Will’s animals had received plenty of affection but no direction. They lived in a fabulous house but they were frustrated. They needed good, long walks. I also taught them discipline when it came to eating. A dog’s natural tendency when there’s food around is to keep checking that another dog isn’t about to take it from him. They’re very competitive. So I clicked my fingers and made them concentrate on the dog bowl in front of them.’

Cesar’s fame was spreading. Nicolas Cage asked for help with his dogs. Scarlett Johansson asked him to help her mother’s wayward bulldog,  then her own timid chihuahua. Charlize Theron needed to train a rescue pit bull. Then Oprah Winfrey mentioned on her show that her dog, Sophie, had started biting other dogs. ‘We made contact with her office and it all went from there,’ he says. ‘In the human world, Oprah is a leader. But in the animal world, she isn’t.’

And that is a position Cesar seems very keen to hold for himself – however controversially.

Cesar Millan will be touring the UK with his seminar from April. Details are at cesarmillanlive.com.

Aggressive techniques are exciting for TV – but terrible for the animals

By BEVERLY CUDDY, Editor of Dogs Today

When the American Navy wanted to train dolphins  for military purposes, they quickly picked up on the  fact that rewards work a lot better than punishment. It’s all there in the history books of animal training, but it doesn’t make for good TV.

Cesar Millan is a showman. He presents himself as a modern-day gladiator wrestling with snarling animals he calls his ‘red-zone cases’ – and he usually ends up getting the upper hand by punching and kicking the dogs to prove who’s boss.

Cesar claims he’s merely ‘touching’ the animals, but most informed dog lovers wouldn’t see it that way – certainly Alan Titchmarsh didn’t let him get away with that excuse on his ITV chat show last week.

Apart from the tweed skirt, there’s really not much difference between Cesar and Britain’s own Barbara Woodhouse. But Barbara was training dogs 35 years ago, when none of us knew any better.

The science of dog training has moved on a lot since then, but Cesar hasn’t. Who needs proper scientific techniques when you can make a fortune on the back of celebrity endorsements, his Hollywood smile and wrestling with powerful dogs that sometimes bite him?

Proper, positive, qualified dog trainers would never do that for the cameras. But it’s much better television to see Cesar zapping a dog with electric shocks or tightening a prong collar so the spikes go into a naughty dog’s neck.

Cesar said last week that shock collars were an ideal training tool for people with disabilities to use on their dogs. “Being disabled myself, I don’t like the way he is referring to us…does he mean because we can’t get out of our wheelchairs that it’s easier to shock a dog? But use a shock collar in Wales and you could get six months in prison or a £20,000 fine. Hopefully, England’s animal welfare laws will catch up soon, too.

 Caesar’s loyal fans claim his detractors are jealous of  his fame and fortune, but  it’s much more complicated than that. Even if you accept his claim that he’s merely ‘touching’ the animals, it’s a real problem that Cesar’s techniques are already being aped by scores of copycats whose only qualification is usually watching his show.

And just as his imitators probably won’t have his gorgeous Hollywood smile, they might also not have the benefit of his ‘calm assertiveness’ or, crucially, the TV editing skills that ensure the required happy ending. The result could be serious cruelty to dogs –  and a trip to A&E for the unsuspecting owner.

News Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2224252/Yes-I-dogs-electric-shocks-use-spike-chokers–Im-NOT-cruel-says-Hollywoods-favourite-pet-guru-Cesar-Millan.html#ixzz2AiJHwDsM
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“I like to back up evidence as much as is possible, so hopefully these 2 videos will help explain all….the first video is the one that Titchmarsh mentions, saying cesar thumped the dog…watch the body language…who instigated that stand off??

Alan Titchmarsh you Hero !

Published on 24 Oct 2012 by 

 “Now watch the video slowed down…you can clearly see the dog is trying so hard to say ‘I’m sorry don’t hurt me’ watch the eyes, body posture, chewing & liping licks, blinking…all signs that say ‘I don’t want to fight, just go away, leave me, but you keep invading my space'”

Show down with Holly slow motion

Published on 24 Sep 2012 by 

All comments containing swear words and insults are now going to be deleted, whichever ‘side’ you are on.
Recent quote from a legitimate dog trainer on people that frequently get bitten. “”The person has no business working with dogs in the first place.

If you can’t keep a dog, as a supposed trainer, from getting upset you have no business doing that job and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Diesel: From Death Row to Certified Search & Rescue Dog

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“I love a good rescue story & this is one of the best. Had these good people not stepped in, Diesel would have been looking down from Rainbow Bridge! I wonder if whoever sent him to the pound, bought him as a family pet for very small children; then realised he was a bit too boisterous for them to handle. Whatever the story, I’m so happy this beautiful dog has found his true calling in life.”

“But it just goes to show how many decent, good dogs do get sent to death row, through no real fault of their own. Perhaps if their owners just spent a little more time picking the right breed for their family & found time to train their dogs properly, instead of just letting them find their own way; they wouldn’t end up being so misjudged. Kudos to the Missouri German Shepherd rescue group & Monroe City SAR, for giving this dog his life back!”

He was on death’s doorstep last January, one week away from being euthanized due to having been labeled an “aggressive dog” by the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue.  

His name was Koda, and he was believed to be unfit to be in public.  Then Monroe City Search and Rescue stepped in and rescued the 3 year old, and nothing has been the same since.

On January 13th, Koda was picked up and brought to the home of Monroe City SAR  and within days was displaying his agility and intelligence.  He was so enthusiastic that his name was immediately changed to Diesel.  He has never looked back.  Lead K-9 Handler Rich Enochs used tennis balls as rewards and nothing could make Diesel happier.  He adjusted very quickly to life at SAR and got along well with the other dogs, so much so it was hard to believe that what they were initially told about Diesel’s behavior was true.

Monroe City K9 Search & Rescue is a Non-Profit 100% volunteer based organization dedicated to finding the missing, lost and injured.  SAR K9s are trained to find living victims that m may be trapped, injured or lost.  ”Find” is the most important word they know.

SAR dogs are trained to follow a scent in different terrain and weather conditions and to identify the victim from other scents. Their skills are sharpened through regular training sessions and by handlers with daily training at home and in the field, and their training is ongoing and time intensive.

It’s as if Diesel was born to be a SAR dog.  He has become a True SAR K9, visits with the Mentally Handicapped, is “Best Buds” with the Lead Handler’s 2yr old grandson and has become family with the other SAR K9s and,  on October 9th Diesel passed his certification testing.

He is certainly enjoying his new role and being the benefactor of the love and attention he deserves, and Monroe City Search and Rescue made all this possible by believing in him.

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/10/diesel-from-deaths-row-to-certified-search-and-rescue-dog/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LifeWithDogs+%28Life+With+Dogs%29



White Watch: Man Guilty Of Sex With Miniature Horse And Rape, Gets 3 Years In Jail

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“WTF…how can anyone be charged with 15 years yet only do 3 when that person has admitted to the heinous offenses? Why did the judge dismiss animal abuse & domestic violence when he admitted to doing it; the women he raped has to live with that all her life! What is it with these plea deals & bargains, just who do they help? certainly not the victims.”

“This man will be out of prison soon, do you think he will be a changed man? I fear not! I think there has to be Animal Abuse Registry’s set up in every state & town, interlinked so people like this can’t get their hands on animals. I also think that bestiality, sodomy, zoophilia should be incorporated into Brommels 5 Freedoms to further protect animals & help gain tougher charges; they have such little protection as it is.”

White Man Guilty Of Sex With Miniature Horse And Rape, Gets 3 Years In JailJust 3 years….

A Wilmer, Ala. man admitted to raping a woman and sexually abusing a miniature horse  on Tuesday in a plea deal that will allow his release in less than two years.

AL.com reports that Eric Steven Easley  was sentenced to three years in prison, but he’s already spent 14 months in jail, meaning with time served, he’ll be out in 22 months. He was technically sentenced to 15 years, but the deal stipulated that all but three of those be suspended.

The site notes that neither Easley, the prosecuting attorney nor judge Joseph “Rusty” Johnston seemed fully satisfied with the plea deal, which the prosecution claimed it offered because there were “legal issues” surrounding Easley’s rape victim.

Easley was arrested  in July 2011 after a woman said he broke into her home, raped her and held her for several hours against her will, according to a previous story by AL.com.

In 2010, deputies in Mobile, Ala. said they found evidence that a miniature horse’s tail had been tied to a post and the horse had been sexually abusedaccording to the Weekly Vice.

Deputies found a wallet with Easley’s driver’s license and Social Security card at the scene.

Judge Johnston dismissed animal cruelty and domestic violence charges as part of the plea deal, but Easley admitted to the charges of rape and killing or disabling livestock

News Link:-http://whitewatch.info/2012/10/11/guilty-of-sex-with-miniature-horse-and-rape-gets-3-years-in-jail-.aspx

Stiff Sentence Imposed For Man Who Abused Pug

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I would hardly call this a stiff sentence, but it’s a start if jail hasn’t been given before...the maximum sentence for animal cruelty is now set at five years…yet this heinous crime only warranted six months prison for Laberge? My god, I dread to think what one has to do to warrant the maximum five years; if these dogs had died from their wounds I doubt it would have been five years. Surely this heartless monster deserved, at the very minimum, one year in jail, along with a life long ban on owning any animals.

MONTREAL—Last August, Geoffrey Laberge’s neighbours heard the sounds of dogs being beaten and abused.

On Friday, a Quebec judge handed Laberge the stiffest sentence ever meted out for animal cruelty in the province.

When police arrived at the corner of Pie-IX and 55th Avenue in 2011, they found one of Laberge’s dogs covered in blood. The three-year-old pug had been stabbed multiple times, beaten with a lead pipe and shards of ceramic were poking through her fur.

This pug-mix suffered trauma to the head, including a number of stab wounds, shards from a broken ceramic plate, and being beaten by an iron pipe.

Laberge, 37, will now spend six months in jail after he pleaded guilty to five counts of animal cruelty. Both the defence and crown recommended a sentence that also forbids him from owning an animal for the next quarter century.

Up until Friday there really was no deterrent effect,” said Alanna Devine, the SPCA’s director of animal advocacy. “Even in egregious cases of animal cruelty when people were found guilty and being sentenced, they  weren’t getting jail time.”

Both dogs have since made a full recovery and have been adopted by new homes. The story of Roo, the abused pug, stood out for Devine.

“It’s difficult for us to not get emotional,” said Devine, who was present when the dog was brought to the SPCA. “One of the dogs was in such a critical state that we felt she needed emergency treatment.”

Roo was rushed to an animal hospital in Notre-Dame-de-Grace where veterinarians were not sure if the dog would survive the night. Devine credited the cooperation of the Montreal police, SPCA and first responders for helping save the dog.

After an amendment to the criminal code in 2008, the maximum sentence for animal cruelty is now set at five years. Devine would like to see the maximum sentence imposed in more egregious cases.

Quebec has had a spotty past prosecuting animal cruelty, with a US-based animal rights group ranking the province the best place to abuse animals for 2010 and 2011.

“This is going to have a deterrent effect going forward that the judicial system in Quebec is starting to take animal cruelty seriously,” said Devine.

Video & News Linkhttp://montreal.ctvnews.ca/stiff-sentence-imposed-for-man-who-abused-pug-1.1014317#ixzz2AhL4YsnJ

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