• Pit bull named Pup-pup died protecting the yard he was trained to guard
  • Second incident in recent weeks, following the death of a dog in New York

A police officer hunting a mugger shot and killed an innocent pit bull in the back yard it was trained to protect, it was revealed today.

It is the second time police have shot a dog in recent weeks, following an incident in New York when a pit bull named Star was gunned down in front of horrified shoppers.

The latest victim was a four-year-old male pit bull, named Pup-pup. He was shot in the back yard of a home in Hollywood, Florida

Four-year-old male pit bull Pup-pup was shot in the back yard of a home in Hollywood, Florida

Dog owner Antonio Williamson said: ‘I just heard gunshots as I was walking back to the house.

It happened just after Williamson came outside to ask why so many police officers were parked in front of his house.

They were looking for a man who had punched another man in the face and stole his bike in front of a convenience store nearby.

A witness followed the suspect and called 911.

Hollywood Police Sergeant Lester Cochenour told Local10.com: ‘The police suspected the robber may have gone into the back yard so they entered through a side gate.

‘When they got to the back yard, they were confronted by a pit bull.’

Officers carrying the body of the pit bull from the house in Hollywood, Florida

The dog was shot multiple times and died in the back yard. Mr Williamson was angry that officers didn’t knock first.

He said Pup-pup was a humble dog and was great with children, but was also trained to protect to his property.

‘There have been a lot of break ins around here, in this area for the last year and a half or so, and I have my dog out here just for that purpose,’ Mr Williamson said.

Under the law, police are allowed to enter private property if they are pursuing or searching for a felony suspect.

Sergeant Cochenour said: ‘It is an unfortunate circumstance that the dog and the police met.

‘It was not the initial call but the officer had to shoot the dog to protect himself.

‘Well, you know, they apologised about it but naturally the dog was protecting its area,’ Mr Williamson told Local10.com.

It comes after the horrific shooting of a pit bull was shot in the head by a New York City police officer on a crowded street last month.

The dog named Star was gunned down in the East Village after it lunged at police officers trying to approach the animal’s homeless owner, Lech Stankiewicz, who was apparently having a seizure.

The wounded pup was taken to the Manhattan Care Center, where it has been receiving veterinary care since the August 13 incident.

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