Kate Baumgartner, 22, was walking to church in Glen Carbon, IL, on Sunday when she heard a noise coming from a dumpster. She decided to investigate the barking noise, climbing into the dumpster in her Sunday’s best. Inside, Kate found an 8-week-old puppy inside a trash bag.

“I did cry,” said Kate, a student at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. “I didn’t know what I was in for when I got in a dumpster, and there was a living animal, but I was in for a surprise!”

Her mother’s neighbour is a veterinarian, so Kate took the puppy for a short check up on Sunday morning. “I made it to the vet but didn’t make it to church,” Kate said.

Kate believes the puppy is a Shepherd-Boxer mix and plans to take her in for a full veterinarian check up and shots, but from the puppy’s first assessment by the neighbour  more medical care may be required. The neighbour suspects that the puppy has bruised ribs and a tail that has been broken at least once.

Regardless of what condition the puppy is in, Kate is ready to provide whatever care the puppy, named Layla, may need.

News Link:http://www.dogheirs.com/elleng/posts/1954-young-woman-misses-church-to-save-puppy-discarded-in-dumpster

“I would suggest if anyone know’s of a litter looking similar to the above, or know’s of someone else having one, to inform police! Some BxxxxxD put the puppy in a trash bag alive, after hurting it, then without a care tossed it out with the trash! They must be found & punished, doesn’t take a massive effort; if everybody just thinks about whether they have seen others like the puppy above!

The address the pups came from may be the same. Either the owner dumped it as a runt, or after it was injured or someone else purchased it, then realised they didn’t want it so tossed it out. It’s the address of where those puppies came from, that may give police a link as to who so carelessly hurt the wee thing then threw it out with the trash!!”

“I can’t believe it doesn’t say to contact local police in the article!!!”