“WTF…this makes me so bloody mad, that poor dog once gave his all for his master. In return when Prince probably got ill, he was thrown out like rubbish. Covered in sores weeping & filled with maggots, just left to die! Now you would have to be one heartless pig to do that, why not just him to a shelter?  Well I hope the BxxxxxD who did it, get what’s coming to them very soon…Karma can strike at any time!!”

A GERMAN Shepherd who was abandoned in a Brent park had to be put down despite attempts to save him. 

The elderly dog Prince was found collapsed on Friday October 12 in Roundwood Park, Willesden, surrounded by rubbish and covered in his own faeces

Caring workers from the Mayhew Animal Home were called to the park and initially assumed Prince was already dead.

However, they took him back to the centre in Kensal Rise but he was so frail they had no option but to bring his life to a peaceful end the following morning.

They are now calling for help to help identify the people who did this to a once-loved animal.

The 13-year-old dog was wearing a collar naming him as Prince and his hair was matted into hard rocks of hair and he was too weak to lift his head.

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Zoe Edwards, said: “When I initially saw Prince I thought he was dead. He was lifeless, filthy and the smell coming from him was like sewage. I really don’t understand the mentality of some people. This was obviously someone’s pet who loved them enough to once get him a decent collar and have his name engraved on it.”

Prince was in such a bad condition that Ms Edwards believes he must have been neglected for a number of months. 
Mayhew vet, Gen Wilkinson, said: “This is an absolutely horrifying case of cruelty and neglect. Prince was severely dehydrated and had irreparable neurological damage, meaning that he was unable to move his back legs or tail and was doubly incontinent.” 

As vets worked to save Prince they discovered maggots had borrowed in to the sores on his body.

The charity is also requesting that people horrified by this case of animal abuse sign their petition, calling for compulsory microchipping for all dogs and for the government to push ahead with this in response to the DEFRA consultation.

The Mayhew Petition can be signed at www.themayhew.org/petition

If you have any more information about Prince please contact the Observer or ring the Mayhew on 020 8968 2352.

News Link:-http://www.harrowobserver.co.uk/west-london-news/2012/10/17/elderly-dog-abandoned-in-park-dies-from-crushing-neglect-116451-32049780/