This is horrific, one only has to look at the blood on the car to know this was a viscous & calculated assault on this lion…it didn’t stand a chance. Whose fault is it? the person who allowed their sheep to wander off!

Great Cats of the "World"

Lion Death – Shocking photographs coming out of Kenya with the deliberate
murder of a Lion. The Lion was in Astra ranch machakos area, and killed one sheep that was being illegally grazed. There was a wedding in a nearby boma and an alarm was raised, and 3 cars ran down the lion before it was speared. 3 arrests were made but they were released around midnight last night. Kenyan Wildlife Service are attending meetings with the community now. RIP Lion xoxoxo Innocent Lion…..

PHOTO Just in: AsM3 of the Athi pride. R.I.P boy😥
Photo: PHOTO Just in: AsM3 of the Athi pride. R.I.P boy :'(


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