“SICK BITCH (what else can I call her?)…Something is not quite right here, there is more to tell on this story! There is only one way a dog or any animals suffers from wounds like that.. SOMEBODY PURPOSEFULLY SODOMISED the poor animal. Remember this face & the name because this bitch has a lot to answer for! SHE MAKES ME FEEL PHYSICALLY SICK! “

Waterbury police arrested Dawn Dempsey, after her dog had to be put to sleep from injuries believed to be caused by sodomy.

Waterbury police have arrested a woman whose beagle was put to sleep earlier this week from injuries that police said appeared to have been caused by sodomy.

Police said Dawn Dempsey, 38, of Royal Oak Drive, brought her dog, Riley, to Mattatuck Animal Hospital on Monday and brought it home the same day, police said.

She told an animal control officer that the female dog appeared to be dead, police said.

The dog was alive, but suffered from severe injuries that appeared to have been caused by sodomy and had to be euthanized the same day, according to police.

Dempsey told the animal control officer that Riley was a stray she found it wondering nearby, police said, but the story neighbours told contradicted that.

They said Dempsey had the dog for several years and she later admitted to owning Riley for at least a year, according to police.

More arrests are expected.

According to police, Dempsey knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

She was arrested on Monday and charged with cruelty to animals. Bond was set at $2,500 and she was released from custodyaccording to court records

Dempsey is due in court on Oct. 31.

News Link:http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Dog-Owner-Charged-in-Animal-Sodomy-Case-175589151.html

Owner charged in dog abuse

WATERBURY — Police say they arrested the owner of a dog that was euthanized Monday for severe internal injuries that appeared to have been the result of sodomy.

Dawn Dempsey, 38, of 59-B Royal Oak Drive, was charged with cruelty to animals after police investigated how her female beagle named Riley suffered serious injuries and dehydration.

Police say that Dempsey brought Riley to the Mattatuck Animal Hospital Monday, but brought the dog home that same day.

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