A dirty, heavily matted coat hid the festering wounds on one dog’s body who arrived this week at a metro animal shelter in Phoenix, Ariz.

When staff at the facility shaved the long-neglected fur away from his body, the damage was revealed.

The dog, now known as “Archie,” had been suffering with painful abscesses for a considerable length of time.

The wounds on Archie’s body were more than the shelter was able to adequately care for, so they reached out to the rescue organization, Medical Animals in Need (MAIN) for help.

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On Wednesday, volunteers with the organization rushed Archie to the Bethany Animal Hospital for care.

Today, Archie is receiving long-overdue care for his severely neglected body.

Thanks to the efforts and ability of the rescue organization which answered the animal care facility‘s request for help, this suffering dog will finally have the opportunity to live a life without constant pain.

Individuals hoping to support MAIN’s efforts can visit their website at this link.

Anyone hoping to donate for Archie’s care, can phone the veterinary clinic directly at 602-242-1657, or donate via a designated Chip-In at this link

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