Animal advocates have been fighting for change at Memphis Animal Services for years. And the latest gruesome story is one more reason they say changes can’t come too soon.

Puppy #245825
Credits: Memphis Animal Services

According to recent reports, a litter of 6 puppies were taken from a school on September 6th after being picked up by MAS. Other than notes that two had “nasal discharge” they appeared to be healthy and put up for adoption.

Later last month an adopter wanted to take the puppy pictured in this story home but ran into red tape when this puppy was listed as a “Lab mix” but another in the litter was noted a “Pit mix.” The shelter “would not release him without a background check and a yard inspection” which were required in accordance with Pitbull adoptions.

Six days later the adopter was told the puppy was dead. What that caller was not told, was that the puppy had been eaten either before or after it died, by the litter-mate it was caged with.

“The final notes are: Cause of death undetermined. Body was cannibalized post-mortem.”

Further investigations have looked into MAS records and indicate the dogs were starving to death. And this falls in line with previous reports of neglect and abuse at the facility.

In the end, MAS is being targeted with anger for failing the animals.

The two puppies are now dead after the litter-mate involved was euthanized. And no one is answering for it.

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