“Is it really so hard to walk into a shelter & say ‘please take my dog’ ?  It must be, the amount of people who would rather tie up their pets & just leave…but remember, those that do will need to be forever looking over their shoulders for the Animal Cops…they will find you! So please, do yourself & the pet a favour & take them to a No Kill shelter…please!”

English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczare...

English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczarek niemiecki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Queens resident Crystal Lashley was charged with abusing her German shepherd mix Briana.

A Queens woman was busted after cruelly tying up her German shepherd mix in her backyard, where the sick animal was rescued from months of torture.

Jamaica resident Crystal Lashley, 18, was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly neglecting the 6-year-old female pooch.

The dog, named Briana, had a urinary tract infection and her collar had been choking her for so long, it caused the infected skin on her neck to grow around it, a source said.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found the dog tethered to a tree on Foch Blvd. on Aug. 21.

Lashley was arrested Tuesday after medical results got returned.

The dog was “dehydrated, underweight, infested with fleas and suffering form a painful neck wound,” the agency said.

“This is a clear case of neglect,” agency spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said. Briana will be up for adoption after she has recovered.

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