“Sounds like the Germans don’t like being the animal sex capital anymore!! But don’t be too excited, the part where they say “while it (the animal) bears no injury or death. I don’t know how many times I will have to say this, but anything stuck into a dog apart from another dog can & will cause damage. Even if they do bring it into law, those people who do it are not going to be shouting about it anymore. Plus the animals usually belong to the perverted, so how are people going to know if they have been injured?”

“There should be one law to serve the entire world…No touching animals in any way that may be construed as sexual, no touching, no petting, no oral, no nothing a total ban! But it still won’t stop those who live in isolated areas for that very reason; unless they are forced to make their animal see a vet every 3 months or something like that…not that I’m trying to be negative, I can just see loopholes in a Country where most of the pervs live, partly isolated, due to the stigma already attached!”

Translated from German – FINES TO UP TO 25 000 EURO A

It’s a number that evokes horror: The Berliner Zeitung “BZ” reported that about 10 000 people in Germany regularly sex with animals have!

Bad: Sexual acts with animals (“sodomy”) are not even banned in Germany …

But this is about to change because: The federal government intends to provide sex with animals punishable!

This is what the Animal Welfare Act to be tightenedPreviously sexual acts with animals are punished only if an animal so suffering serious injury or death. In the future, sexual acts of people on animals also be punishable if the animal while it bears no injuries. Sodomy as a criminal offense has been deleted from the 1969 Penal Code.

However, it is still forbidden to spread animal pornographic images.

In the current bill of 29 August 2012 that: “The Federal Government recognizes the fact that sexual activities are suitable to animals by humans, animals regularly inflict suffering at least in terms of animal welfare, as these animals are forced to artwidrigen behavior.”


In Europe, the sexual contact with animals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is an offense. In Switzerland, since September 2008, the Animal Protection Law sexually motivated acts with animals expressly forbids.

Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (47, CSU) told BILD: “Germany is a leader in animal welfare. The welfare of animals is for the federal government a high priority, so we will bring more improvements on the way. ”

Currently there are consultations on the revised law. In the fall to the Bundestag and Bundesrat vote on the law.

After image-information to sodomy punishable by a fine in the future up to 25 000 euros!

CDU legal expert Günter Krings (43) However, it is “embarrassing, if we rise to such a right only amendment with animal health. The moral law and hygiene hazards are for me much more obvious reasons such a ban necessary. ”

FDP politician Hans-Michael Goldmann (66) defended the proposed law and clarifies further Goldmann “that we can improve the Animal Welfare Act for the welfare of animals and do not criminal law.”: “It is unacceptable that someone an animal pain and suffering that can lead to behavioral problems can cause, without being prosecuted. With the explicit prohibition of the punishment is facilitated and the protection of the animals increased. ”

Thomas Schroeder (47), president of the German Animal Welfare Association, told Bild: “It is totally wrong that showing photos of sodomy is forbidden, the act itself but not yet. Shooter can now be traded. “