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That son, like mother. New images taken by the Public Ministry (MP) show that the owner of the pet shop Quattro Paws at Engenho de Dentro, Rio, Solange Barroso also abused her animals. In one, a woman was caught giving head slap in the German Shepherd dog breed. The first to be indicted for mistreatment of animals was Daniel Barroso, her son. “Without a shadow of doubt, she practiced assaults along with his son,” said the prosecutor Christiane Monnerat, who had access to new videos.

Solange, who until then guarantee that even knew the child’s behavior, will now answer the same charges that he, like mistreatment of animals – in his case, seven animalsalong with fraud by abuse of trust. “The feathers added exceed two years in detention, therefore the case is not the Special Criminal Court, which handles crimes with little offensive potential,” said the prosecutor.

Not ruled out the hypothesis Solange be summoned by the police to provide new evidence. At first, she denied knowing that the attitudes of the child. However, in a video she appears very close to where Daniel was spotted hitting, giving potions and pushing her head against the wall for two dogs, while bathing the animals.

Other victims

The prosecutor emphasized that the clinic closed by the city, worked irregularly. There was, for example, registration with the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Rio New videos received by MP also serve to identify other animals attacked the pet shop. In addition to the recordings, witness statements are fundamental to the police and MP identify culprits.

Material can be used in processes

Prosecutor Christiane Monnerat reported yesterday that will provide tutors animals who suffered mistreatment at Paws pet shop Quattro new images and copies of the investigation of the establishment. The material may be included in the actions of moral damage of animal guardians in court against the owners of the establishment.

According to the prosecutor, the guardians of the animals may also contact her at the Ministry of Public dos Bandeirantes Highway 363, in Taquara, or through her page on Facebook, e-mail address ‘christiane.monnerat.3 @ facebook.com’.

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