Having read the court documents…

“The 17-week-old dog suffered from “a laceration that extended 8-10cm to his ventral neck,” in addition to “significant hemorrhage and shock.”

“the defendant took multiple pictures of the puppy–which he believed to be dead–and sent the pictures to family and friends, telling them that he had just “slit [his] dog’s throat.”

” The defendant said that if slashing the puppy’s throat didn’t kill it, he would have dragged it behind a car until it died.”

“the defendant then sent a picture of him displaying a middle finger toward the camera with the caption “F*** jail.”

“The ‘Family members told police that there were previous incidents of unreported animal cruelty”

WTF…the family must take some blame in this, for not reporting previous animal cruelty & for letting him keep & or acquire more dogs. Clearly they too don’t give a rats ass about animals, if they did surely they wouldn’t have allowed him access to them! Thank God the vets were able to save the little pup!

A Redmond man accused of slitting a puppy’s throat also recorded himself having sex with dogs, King County prosecutors now allege.

Filing charges earlier this month, prosecutors claim Michael C. Heyes attempted to kill a puppy in July. According to prosecutors, Heyes, 25, was ultimately institutionalized after sending photos of the seriously injured 17-week-old puppy to friends and family.

Family members searching the Northeast 116th Street home where Heyes was living uncovered several videos showing Heyes “engaged in bestiality with his other pet dogs,” Deputy Prosecutor Benjamin Carr told the court.

At 6:45 a.m. on July 23, Redmond police were dispatched to a veterinarian’s office there following a report of a disturbance in the clinic parking lot, Redmond Police Officer Kimberly Corbray told the court.

At the time, there was blood in the trunk of Heyes car, which was damaged. Heyes was carrying a black puppy with a bandaged neck.

Near death, the dog underwent surgery and a blood transfusion, and was ultimately saved.

At the time, Heyes offered the first of a series of nonsensical explanations as to how the dog became injured, Carr told the court.

He said he had been attacked by strangers on the street who slit the dog’s throat ‘to piss (him) off,’” the deputy prosecutor continued. “He said his puppy’s throat had been slashed during a home invasion incident, and he said that he slashed his own dog’s throat as part of a ‘military mission.’

“The defendant also said multiple times that the puppy belonged to him and he could do with it ‘what he wanted.’”

Carr went on to reiterate the claim that Heyes meant to kill the dog, and believed he had when he sent photos of it to his family.

The following day, several people close to Heyes reported that he had cut the dog, Corbray said in court documents.

Heyes has a lengthy history of mental illness and drug addiction, and is alleged to have abused animals in the past. He was held for 90 days at Western State Hospital immediately after the incident.

After he was institutionalized, Heyes family then searched his home and found the disturbing videos, Carr told the court.

His family discovered multiple videos recorded by the defendant of the defendant engaged in bestiality with his other pet dogs,” Carr said.

Carr noted the dogslike the injured puppy – were seized by animal control.

Heyes has been charged with first-degree animal cruelty for the purported attack on the puppy.

News Link:http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Prosecutors-Redmond-man-caught-on-tape-raping-3978220.php#ixzz2AKWCZ7Sl

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