“WTF…it sickens me to know that these gluttonous savages are trawling the internet, searching for people to partake in diabolical & positively revolting act’s of bestiality; with their so-called pets!!”  

“I’ll bet this wasn’t the first time the barbarous brute below, used the poor dog for his own prurient carnal gratification. But, I can’t understand why it was put down with ‘McDonnell’s’ consent? Unless it was on a vets advice, due to the trauma or internal damage the dog was subjected to…if it was then he needs to be convicted of animal abuse too. This is why we need an Animal Abuse Register!!”

“The Defence for this sadist even say’s ‘If the lady had not died’ there would be no charges…like it’s nothing out of the ordinary!! In which case, I can’t help but wonder how many animals are out there, being molested & as long as there is no injury…it’s all fxxxxxg dandy…Filthy miscegenation! “

“My God, that poor dog, I think I am relieved he was sent over Rainbow Bridge; where he can finally rest in peace, knowing the only hands that will touch him now are those that are kind & pure!”

A woman died at Sean McDonnell’s home after she had sex with his dog. 

A JUDGE yesterday adjourned sentencing in a case in which evidence was given of the defendant’s interest in pornography and bestiality.

Seán McDonnell (58) pleaded guilty to one count of buggery with an animal, namely a German Shepherd-type dog, at his home on October 7th, 2008. It is believed to be the first case of its kind in an Irish court.

Evidence was given that he had arranged for a woman to have sex with his dog. He had met her on an internet chat room.

The woman – a 48-year-old separated mother from Co Limerick, who was not named in court – died in hospital hours after engaging in an act of bestiality with the animal.

Det Garda Pádraig O’Dwyer, Roxboro Road Garda station, accepted that while the woman and the dog engaged in an act of bestiality, no exact cause of death could be found.

“This is a very obscene case,” remarked Denis Vaughan Buckley, senior prosecution counsel, as he outlined the evidence.

He said McDonnell telephoned the emergency services from his house at Laurel Park, Patrickswell, Co Limerick. “The deceased had turned blue and was wearing unusual clothing,” he said.

Det Garda O’Dwyer said the accused accepted the woman had agreed, in an internet exchange, to have sex with the dog.

Evidence was given of blood, DNA and hair samples.

During a search at McDonnell’s home, gardaí discovered a computer “which confirmed the accused’s interest in bestiality”.

Mr Vaughan Buckley said the accused had posted 3,500 comments on bestiality forums. McDonnell’s computer also revealed multiple internet search hits for bestiality.

A computer, the property of the deceased, showed “extensive activity in pornography and bestiality websites”, Mr Vaughan Buckley said.

The dog was destroyed last week with McDonnell’s consent. Isobella Kennedy, defending, said: “My client would not have been prosecuted save for the lady in question passing away. The lady fully consented. There was no form of coercion or duress.”

Judge Carroll Moran described it as “a very unusual case” and adjourned sentencing to December 14th.

News Link:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2012/1103/1224326088811.html