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SANTA FE — A husband and wife who recently moved to the county from Las Vegas face animal cruelty charges after police said they found the couple’s dogs locked in the back of a moving truck.

Santa Fe police found four Yorkie dogs locked in the back of a truck with no food or water. A couple that recently moved from Las Vegas to Santa Fe was charged with animal cruelty.

Police were responding to an initial call of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance near the intersection of state Highway 6 and Warpath Drive in Santa Fe.

When police arrived at the intersection, they found a man matching the description. He eventually was arrested on drug possession charges after a search found synthetic marijuana, Sgt. Eric Bruss said.

While interviewing the man, he mentioned to police that he had just moved to the city after having driven a moving truck from Las Vegas a few days ago. That truck was a couple of miles away from where the man was taken into custody by police.

Bruss said police had a disturbance call from near where the truck was so police went by there to check out things.

While police checked out the area where the truck was parked, an officer could hear the whimpers of dogs coming from inside the box of the moving truck.

Police used bolt cutters to remove the lock and when the door was opened, police found four Yorkie dogs — including one that is pregnant — locked in the back of the truck with no food or water.

Police suspect the animals had been abandoned in the back of the truck. The truck was already two weeks overdue for return and was being reported by the leasing company as stolen, Bruss said.

Bruss said the box truck had no ventilation in the back. While the Las Vegas man told police the dogs had been in the truck for about four hours, police were certain the dogs had been locked up for much longer, Bruss said.

The crates the animals were kept in were covered in dog waste, Bruss said.
Animal control officers with the county’s animal resource center took the animals, Bruss said.

Bruss said the animal control officers told police one of the dogs might not survive.

While police were investigating the abandoned dogs case, they received a call to the police station about a woman involved in a disturbance. The woman in that situation turned out to be the wife of the man police already had in custody.

Joseph Lyle Bakkendahl, 36, and his wife, Kristine Joan Fisher, 44, each were charged with two counts of misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

The couple faces possible felony animal cruelty charges, Bruss said.

Bakkendahl and Fisher were each in the county jail on $20,000 bond.

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