“OMFG…This is one of the worst cases I have seen & I’m furious that I can’t find any of the original details on-line, been searching for weeks, before posting!!”.

“I have even asked the petition author but no reply. All I know is what I have read from the petition, this is so Fxxxxd up…I wasn’t sure whether to show it but then again, you the public have a right to know.”

“Do you know the person in the poster?? If so contact those below. Please add your name to the others that are disgusted at this atrocity”

“I don’t speak any foreign language, I’m sure the guy on the poster is the guy who committed the rape, but not sure what the last paragraph means “Still in liberty waiting to be processed”?? does that mean they have caught him?”

” I have seen other pictures but will not show them out of respect for the dog, which I presumed died due to horrific injuries! R.I.P x”

“Please sign the petition & circulate to everyone you know. This person must be punished severely for this heinous act!”

On 18th of September 2012, the dog in the picture was brutally raped in the bathroom of a gas station in Brazil.

When people heard screams coming from the said bathroom, they called the police. Upon entry the room, they found the room covered with  blood everywhere and the poor dog in very serious condition.

The dog was  hospitalized with severe bleeding that could not be stopped due to her internal organs completely being d destroyed.

Just look at the picture and imagine the moments of horror that poor dog has lived, trying desperately to escape her aggressor, struggling throughout the entire bathroom.

Animal welfare organisation Associações AAPA, Amigos do Canil e SOS Bicho de Rua has started a petition that is addressed to the public prosecutor Cruz Alta/RS, calling for severe punishment of the abuser who is still in liberty while awaiting his process. Petition:-http://www.peticaopublica.com.br/PeticaoVer.aspx?pi=P2012N29363