“WTF….First off can I just say when I got this story (cos I’m still catching up), it started back in February  so I posted that story first, in date order…now this is the court appearance news”

So, let me get this right, this guy has had sex with 2 of his dogs for several years, video of  him committing these acts were found at his home…BUT HE GETS A SUSPENDED SENTENCE & 3 YEARS PROBATION??”

“Am I missing something here, I thought bestiality was a criminal act in Canada, yet this guy has had sex with his dogs, even video taped it…plus he’s been very vocal about bestiality & written articles about it; but his only court penalty is:- he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month???”  

” OK  I want some one else’s opinion & input here…so comments welcome…you might want to have a look at his face book page, lots of pictures of his dogs!!

A Vancouver man was handed a suspended sentence and three years probation after pleading guilty to one count of bestiality Monday

Brian Anthony Cutteridge, 38, a former employee at a veterinarian’s office, entered his plea during a brief appearance in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

The offence relates to seven to nine incidents over a seven-year period, from 1998 to 2005, in which he had sex with two female dogs, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.

An SPCA investigation was launched in April 2010 after a complaint was filed by a veterinarian who was concerned that Cutteridge was a potential zoophile, a person who has sex with animals, that he owned dogs and that the animals had a history of urinary tract infections.

A second complaint by an anonymous person was filed in May 2010, prompting the SPCA to open a cruelty complaint file.

Brian Cutteridge, 38, of Vancouver has been charged with bestiality. Feb.

SPCA officers attended Cutteridge’s Vancouver home and he was advised of the bestiality allegations.

Three female dogs were inspected, two of which were found to have long nails.

Cutteridge denied committing bestiality but further investigation led to the seizure of video revealing him committing the acts for which he was eventually charged.

In a joint submission by Crown and defence, prosecutor David Simpkins noted there was no evidence that either of the two female dogs, named Diana and Kalle, was physically harmed by Cutteridge.

Jason Mann, the accused’s lawyer, told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Arne Silverman that his client had accepted responsibility for his conduct.

“Mr. Cutteridge wants to make it clear that he never had any intention of harming the animals involved,” he said.

The judge noted there was no need for general deterrence for crimes that would repulse the majority of Canadians.

Just one of many pictures taken From Cutteridges  Face Book page “Sickening”

He said a jail term would have been within the appropriate range of sentences, but he couldn’t say the joint submission he accepted was outside the range. “?? In English, what the hell does that mean?”

Cutteridge’s probation conditions include that he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month.

There was little mention during the proceedings of Cutteridge’s Internet writings, which argue that laws against bestiality are logically incoherent and inherently unjust.

Outside court, Cutteridge said he would not be commenting.

“I’m just glad to get this done,” he told reporters.

Mann told reporters he and Cutteridge would not be speaking about his client’s prior writings on the subject of zoophilia.

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His Facebook page:-https://www.facebook.com/brian.cutteridge