“Yet another sick perverted POS that has forced himself onto animals as well as children. Most of the cases I have covered about bestiality involved some form of child sexual abuse. Which begs the question, WHEN will people realise Animal Abuse Register’s need to be mandatory in every state, town, City, Country! Why, it’s obvious why, animal abusers will move onto children, & child molesters have normally dabbled in bestiality or sodomy whatever you want to call it.

“Find a name on one register & I’ll bet that name pops up on the other! We have to protect children & animals from these dangerous psychopaths; isn’t it better to find the sexual animal abuser before they move onto children??”

LATIMER — A Latimer man who already faces charges of bestiality and three counts of second degree sexual abuse with a child under the age of 12, now faces more charges.

David Allen Baugh, 34, of Latimer, has been charged with three additional counts of seconddegree sexual abuse; two counts of lascivious acts with a child and three counts of disseminating or exhibiting obscene materials to a minor.

David Allen Baugh 34, of Latimer

Sexual Child  Abuser –  Sexual Animal Abuser

David Allen Baugh, Accused of Bestiality & Sexual Abuse

Do not forget this face – ever!!

The second round of charges stem from an alleged offence that occurred on Jan. 1, 2012.

Baugh pleaded not guilty Oct. 4; however, a plea change hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 29, in Franklin County District Court.

News Link:-http://globegazette.com/news/local/latimer-man-faces-more-sexual-abuse-charges/article_fe7bd6f4-3587-11e2-bc81-001a4bcf887a.html

09/15/2012 – A 34-year-old Latimer man is facing 12 charges as the result of an investigation by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Six of the 12 charges against David Allen Baugh are second degree sexual abuse.

The other charges involve two counts of lascivious acts with a child, three counts of dissemination/exhibiting obscene material to a minor and one count of bestiality. Baugh was arrested earlier this month after the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants at two locations. This case remains under investigation. Baugh has a preliminary hearing set for Monday (Sept. 17th) at 3:30pm in Franklin County District Court with his arraignment set for October 4th.

“Now this was before the other charges had been brought in, so if he could of got 170 years…what will he get now?…although I think it’s ridiculous when the length of the sentence is way above & beyond anyone’s natural life span…so why don’t they just say life with no chance of parole…even better…Life serving 30 years on Death Row then at 30 years he meets old sparky??”

If convicted on all the charges Baugh could be sentenced to at least 170-years in prison.