Los Angeles, California – Mary Ann Lagana with Tails of the City Animal Rescue received an urgent call early on the morning of November 16th about a terribly injured puppy on 88th and Figueroa. Lagana felt compelled to help.

Puppy used as bait dog in dog fights

What Lagana found was a female “bait puppy” with deep, fresh wounds all over her little body. One of her legs was so badly bitten, that her bone had literally fractured. It is speculated that the puppy (now named Coco) was used at that night’s “event” and then thrown out in the street when they were done with her. Chela Landau, a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and strong supporter of Tails of the City, describes it this way:

I know this area well. It is where Walter Citizen was arrested for cruelty to animals, having multiple dogs tied in his backyard who were used for fighting. Apart from the 22 dogs seized, most of whom were euthanized, there were untold numbers of victims like Coco, helpless little ones who were used as bait dogs because they could not defend themselves.

Dogs who were smaller, gentle dogs who could not be forced to fight no matter what, dogs whose mouths were wired shut, puppies, cats and other helpless animals are used as bait animals.

Bait dogs truly are the dark underbelly of the dog fighting world and Coco – a mere puppy – was one of its victims.

Upon arrival, Lagana could see Coco was in bad shape. Her abdomen was swollen and she had internal bleeding. Due to the extent of Coco’s injuries, she could not stand, she was shaking, in obvious shock, and her temperature was dangerously low.

Lagana and Landau rushed Coco to the vet, but the vet’s office was simply not equipped to give her the care she needed. In addition to the maladies from which she suffered as a bait puppy, she was very thin and anaemic. As such, they brought Coco to the emergency vet where it had the equipment and technology required to address critical care patients. There, Coco had to undergo a blood transfusion.

The good news is that the transfusion seemed to work a little. It is reported that Coco is “really sweet and licking and kissing everyone when they change her bandages.”

Tails of the City is currently dealing with a Compton hoarding case. Although not in a position to take on a critically injured puppy, Tails of the City did so with no hesitation. However, the vet bill is already at more than $2,500 and expected to climb significantly.

I often write articles when donations are needed to help rescue organizations – not for the likes of the HSUS or ASPCA – but, small, reputable, selfless rescues that are too often stretched so thin, they end up going into personal debt to help animals in need. As one ardent animal rescuer said, “This is truly a desperate situation where help is needed.”

If you can help defray some of the vet expenses, you can donate in the ways, specified below. No amount is too small.

  1. By PayPal to tailsofthecityrescue@gmail.com
  2. Call in your donation to VCA at (310) 657-7050 and say you want to contribute to the Coco Fund
  3. Send your donation by snail mail to: VCA, 8807 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069
  4. Send your donation by snail mail to: Tails of the City, 2539 7th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/rescue-steps-up-to-help-bait-puppy-fight-for-life