“This is an upsetting video, for me it was very painful to watch & of course I cried; sometimes one has to use visual aids to make people understand what is right! I personally couldn’t walk past any animal, whom I thought needed help. I would ask that you share this…it is a powerful message….we take animals from their natural habit, so they have been domesticated for hundreds of years.! Yet they can not live without us. If we use animals as substitutes for door bells,  alarm calls or burglar alarms…even garden ornaments… then it is up to us to maintain that animals life…they costs more than a few AAA batteries. 

“PLEASE…if you see an animal that is thin, without food or water, nor shelter or warmth; don’t pass them by believing someone else will deal with it…they won’t, because they will think like you, that the next person will deal with it…sorry but they don’t. As a result, so many animals suffer…mainly due to human ignorance etc. it’s not right!! We were all born with the instinct to love, nurture & protect, yet there are many that fall by the way side…so it is up to the rest of us, to use the voice God gave us; to protect those who remain voiceless!” 

“We must open our eye’s wider, listen with our hearts, when an animal is hurting, we must do the right thing…whatever it takes to help it heal;which is most often just our voice. It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t have to look after it, you just have to make the first step…all it takes is a phone call, you can even stay anonymous…just please, open your mouth when you see something wrong”.

“Had someone spoken earlier, this beautiful mare would still be on earth…but because nobody spoke, help came…but it was too late! R.I.P sweet Cordelia x”

“Ten Days with Cordelia”

Published on 15 Oct 2012 by 

If you suspect abuse, report it. If you don’t want to get involved, please pass the information along to someone who will. Call your local shelter. Rescue came too late for a horse named “Later” that we lovingly called “Cordelia.”