“Here is a photo slideshow update, of the puppy now called Trooper, that was dragged behind a lorry! This little guy has such an adorable face, but one that says ouch, it hurts! Click the link below for slideshow.”


Update 11-28-12:

Trooper is holding steady at the Humane Society of Missouri. He is now able to drink well on his own and is eating some regular food. They are very small steps that could reverse at any point, but we are amazed by his progress thus far. Trooper will see the surgeon in the next 48 hours to determine if his front leg is able to be saved. 

Update 11-26-12:

The 5 ½ month old, severely injured pit bull puppy rescued last Wednesday (Nov. 21) by the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force and named Trooper by his Humane Society caregivers is showing slight improvement but is still not out of the woods.

After five days of intensive treatment and care for severe injuries to his face, ears, shoulder, legs and right side, the Humane Society’s director of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Mark Wright, reports that he is guardedly optimistic about Trooper’s chances for recovery.  “This puppy has experienced severe trauma and horrible injuries and his condition could change quickly,” said Dr. Wright. “However, we are doing everything possible to support his recovery, reduce the chances for infection and keep him out of pain.  The fact that he has survived thus far is amazing.  He’s truly living up to his name and is a real Trooper.”

The Humane Society of Missouri is continuing to investigate the incident and is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for putting the dog in this horrific position. “We have received several tips and are fully investigating them,” said Debbie Hill, vice president of Operations for the Humane Society of Missouri.

“We are doing several very important things for this helpless puppy:  giving him excellent veterinary treatment and loving care and finding out how this happened in order to hold accountable those who are responsible.”

Persons with information should contact the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Abuse Hot Line 314-647-4400.