How it all began

The Urban Elephant – Life in Captivity

(“Watch the elephant fall out of it’s sling at 2.23 head first, the abuse they suffered then is why they go crazy now!”)

Uploaded on 12 Apr 2011

The opening of this two-time Emmy Award Winning documentary introduces us to the lives of elephants in captivity. Captured in the wild and often forced into entertainment, ArgoFilm’s “The Urban Elephant,” from the PBS/National Geographic Nature Series uncovers what’s really going on.

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The Urban Elephant: Pang Dao’s Story

Uploaded on 7 Sep 2011

From ArgoFilm’s “The Urban Elephant” comes the story of Pang Dao, an Asian elephant in captivity. This two-time Emmy Award winning film was produced for PBS’s Nature Series. Pang Dao’s story is the inspiration for the upcoming “The Story of Dao”.

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The Abuse They Suffer At The Hands Of Mankind

Viewer Discretion Advised

Dear Friends Shafeek Kallai shot this video when he visited Elephant Sanctuary at Guruvayoor, (Thrissur Dist. Kerala, India.) on 3rd of January 2010. This is very cruel , people behaviour towards animals. He was threatened while he was shooting this video and such a difficulty he could finish it. He kept this video all these days under the cover. He heard that elephant named “Arjun” is not in a position to walk as the mahouts hit him to the core and left leg had broken. Considering Arjuns case he is one of the best elephants in Kerala. . Please share video if you love ELEPHANTS

Elephant begging food on streets

This streets are no place for any elephant; let alone a baby!

Elephant Attack in Kizhisseri Town

I believe the following is a direct retaliation by the elephants, they are thoroughly pissed off; little wonder… see all four legs are chained so they can not run. And just to make matters worse, the crowd throw objects at them, my heart breaks for these gentle giants!

Uploaded on 28 Jan 2012

Elephant Attack in Kizhisseri Town, Near Calicut International Airport, Malappuram- Dt, Kerala- India @ 28/01/2012 – Saturday

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Ask Kenya Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa to Have Greater Penalties for Poaching Imposed …
It is reported that, Pekei, the poacher of Amboseli pictured here, has openly told Kenya community rangers that he will continue to kill more elephants.

Please SHARE, African elephants don’t need the likes of this man or poachers running free.

New stricter laws must be set. WE NEED EMAILS to WAMALWA to have his judges imprison poachers, and MORE SIGNATURES on the PETITION (see “See More” in blue). …
Big Life Foundation has stated that they are able to catch poachers, but when brought before the Kenyan courts the fines are meagre and the imprisonment light. …

Please politely write/email the Justice Minister, Eugene Wamalwa, to have the courts take seriously the looming extinction of elephants and rhino killed for greed.
In the long run Kenya’s ecotourism will suffer as has been recognized by Botswana’s president who has stopped all hunting licenses.
Let His Honor Wamalwa know that the international community is outraged that our world heritage wildlife is being exterminated and the criminals who poach have no deterrent to stop.
Justice Minister’s web page Star article of the notorious poacher who killed Qumquat and her family in Amboseli:- only thing this killer did not get was Quanza, Qumquat’s baby. At least her genes will go on. Here is Sheldrick’s video of Quanza’s rescue. May this little one have a life of safety, joy and peace. God bless them all xx