Anthony Marr

The Horse-Listener

When I was solo camping in Africa back in 1980, where I conceived of the [Omniscientific Cosmology] which I eventually wrote into the book {OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny} a quarter century later, an elderly German couple with a small plantation befriended me, and offered, urged more like, for me to take their rescued off-track Thoroughbred out on to the plains for a ride. They practically thrust the bridle into my hands, saying, “Jonas thrives on galloping. He never gets to do that in his paddock. We’re too decrepit to do it for him now. Your trial ride has shown us that your are a competent, sophisticated and sensitive rider. You are a godsend to him, and to us.” Thus began a two month friendship between Jonas and myself. As of the second week, he would quiver in excitement every time he heard the sound of my jeep…

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