“WTF…seriously, what’s the point in taking cases like this to court, where a couple let their dog starve to death; but the judge lets them off with a suspended sentence?? Oh, sorry, they were banned from owning a pet for 5 years…well whoopy fxxxxxg do!! Where is the deterrent value here, none at all. Is there any wonder so many animals are harmed when the justice system doesn’t do anything to try & stop it, I’m sick of seeing these pathetic sentences, sorry slaps on the wrist? It makes me so fxxxxxg mad!!!”

Danny Neira, an NYPD officer, and his wife, Rose Neira, of Farmingdale, N.Y., learned on Tuesday that they will not be heading to jail for allowing their dog to starve to death.

According to Tuesday’s Newsday publication, District Court Judge Sondra Pardes instead ruled that the couple will have three years of probation for their animal cruelty conviction.

Animal cruelty conviction - Rose Neira Credit: Pet-Abuse.com

Animal cruelty conviction – Rose Neira Credit: Pet-Abuse.com

The couple faced charges after their two-year-old Great Dane, “Zack,” was discovered weighing a dismal 87 pounds back in Nov. 2010. A healthy, normal weight for this breed of dog ranges from 120 to 150 pounds.

Following the discovery of the emaciated dog, Zack received intensive veterinary care, but died just weeks later. According to the veterinary clinic which treated him, Zack died from heart issues stemming from starvation.

The couple argued that their dog suffered from a bowel disease which caused his poor body weight. They also told the court that their dog was receiving veterinary care.

Regardless of the claim of a health issue, the jury found that the couple had not provided adequate care for their dog.

The Neiras are prohibited from owning a pet for the next five years.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/no-jail-time-for-nypd-officer-and-wife-for-allowing-dog-to-starve-to-death?CID=obinsite

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Published on 11 Oct 2012

Danny and Rose Neira were convicted of neglecting their their Great Dane, Zach. This video was taken by an investigator from District Attorney Kathleen Rice‘s Animal Crimes Unit. Though vets tried to save Zach, his organs had deteriorated too much to survive. His visible ribs and vertebrae, unclipped nails, and dirty ears are additional evidence of neglect. DA Rice created the animal crimes unit to protect animals like Zack, but also because those who are cruel to animals often harm people too. To report animal abuse in Nassau County, call the anonymous Animal Crimes Hotline at  (516) 680-8624