FORT MYERS -A woman in Lee County is facing some horrifying charges of animal abuse.

Deputies say Ana Torres knowingly left her Yorkshire terrier to die inside a kennel.

They caught her while taking part in an operation with Lee County Animal Services, who was in the Tice community cracking down on people not taking care of their pets.

His owner, Ana Torres, reportedly told Lee County deputies that the dog had been hit by a car.

But instead of taking him to the vet, she allegedly said she put him back in his cage because she had to go to work. “WTF…work was more important than the one thing that loved her unconditionally…her dog”

“He was lying on a pad she had placed under him that was stained with blood,” said Ria Brown, with Lee County DAS. “OMG…that poor baby, died alone in pain & agony…I hope the image of that little dog suffering; torments her for the rest of her life!”

At the Tice home on south Galaxy Drive, Torres’ daughter Carmen said her mother didn’t realize how injured the Yorkie was.

She loved the dog. She loves anything and she loves everybody. She’s not a bad person,” Carmen said. “She’s a very caring person. Things just happen.“THINGS just happen? yes they do but the difference here is that this owner didn’t give a shit about the dog at all!!

Lee County Animal Services made the gruesome discovery while working with other agencies – cracking down on animal and code violations.

Brown explained when they knocked on Torres’ door, “We had asked Ms. Torres if she had any pets and she said no. But there was obviously barking coming from her back yard.”

Investigators say she eventually admitted to having animals. That’s when they found the dead Yorkie and got story about how he would up this way.

The dog’s body was sent off for further examination so investigators can determine the exact cause of death

If convicted, Torres could receive up to $10,000 in fines and/or up to five years behind bars.

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