WTF…this is just appalling…for Gods sake if you don’t want any animal, take it to a proper shelter, don’t just dump it…it’s a living breathing hurting animal, it hurts the same way we do, imagine how hungry you would feel if you looked like this.”

“The bastards that did this need finding quick, please help solve this case, get the owners at the cop shop & quick sharp…before they decide they want to play with another sentient beings feelings…Shit, this makes me so fxxxxxg angry, its just senseless bully’s that do things like this. Please, I beg you, contact police if you know anything, this little guy deserves it, doesn’t he?!”

LORAIN, Ohio – Lorain police are investigating a horrific case of animal abuse case over the weekend.

According to Lorain police, officers were called out to the tree lawn area of 816 W. 11th Street around 2:16 p.m. Saturday for a sick or injured animal.

Officers arrived at the scene and found a light brown pit bull, severely emaciated but still alive. The animal’s bones were clearly visible through its skin. Lorain police said a dog of this breed should weigh around 75 pounds, but this dog appeared to weigh around 25 pounds.

The dog’s owner is unknown and officers believe the animal had previously been caged, neglected and dumped. The dog’s head was severely swollen and eyes forced shut. “Heartless pigs, I hope they are caught & dealt with severely!”

The animal growled softly as officers approached and could barely raise its head off of the ground. It couldn’t walk or stand.

Lorain police took the dog to the Lorain Animal Clinic, but the pit’s fate is uncertain at this time due to its horrific condition.

If the owner of the dog can be identified, an arrest warrant will be issued for cruelty to animals.

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If you have any information about this dog’s owner, please call the Lorain Police Department at   (440)-204-2555 or click here.

Please help those who can not speak for themselves and bring this person to justice.

UPDATE 19/12/2012

LORAIN, Ohio – Those taking care of Herbie, the emaciated pit bull being nursed back to health at the Lorain Animal Clinic, say he is continuing to improve each day.

Home : News : Local News : OH Lorain : Bloodwork improving for emaciated Lorain pit bull, Herbie

Home : News : Local News : OH Lorain : Bloodwork improving for emaciated Lorain pit bull, Herbie

On Monday, Herbie’s weight gain had slowed, “which is to be expected,” clinic workers wrote on their website.

“Herbie would like to thank everyone for their gifts, but he has limited space to keep things,” the post continued. “Toys, blankets, and treats can be donated to your local shelters in Herbies honour. Herbie is looking forward to his appointment with the ophthamologist (Friday).”

Now up to 51 pounds, as he was only 25 pounds when found starving and near-death, Herbie’s blood work is slowly improving. His veterinarian will have more information concerning his cataract appointment on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a $5,000 reward is being offered by the Humane Society of the United States for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for abusing and neglecting Herbie.

Herbie was found on Dec. 2 barely alive in the 800 block of West 11th Street. When authorities found him, he couldn’t stand or open his eyes.

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