The former director of the Reston Zoo has pleaded guiltyto one charge of animal cruelty after she drowned an injured wallaby early last year, the Post reports:

Meghan Mogensen, 27, of Silver Spring, was sentenced to one month in jail and is barred from making decisions about the care or euthanasia of any animal if she serves as an animal caretaker or manager of a zoo or sanctuary. “WTF…she drowned a living creature, this sentence is pathetic, at the very least she should have been banned from being around animals for a minimum of 10 years. I wonder if someone else had done it; would they receive the same sentence?? Don’t forget her daddy owns the park’ perhaps they thought her father shouldn’t have had to deal with the stress of sacking his precious daughter!”

Under the terms of the deal, a second charge for possession of an animal euthanasia drug without a license was dropped. “One month in jail for an animal she killed… I just don’t get all these deals etc. Were talking about animal killers or abusers, some heinous sadistic killers, yet they seem able to get deals, why??? They get more deals on their prison terms & conditions, than decent animal lovers, get on their pet insurance…it’s crazy & a slap in the face at animal advocates!”

Mogensen had already been found guilty a court last year, but she appealed those verdicts. Last Friday she apparently changed her mind and opted to plead guilty. “So she is allowed to swap her mind as & when it suits? Then just decided that, actually she did kill the Koala by drowning it…makes me bloody furious. All this swapping  around should be considered into the trial, for wasting’s every ones time & money etc.!!”

Mogensen drowned the wallaby after it had been injured in its cage. While she originally claimed that she had euthanized it by injecting it with drugs, tipsters at the zoo told investigators that they suspected that she had drowned it in a five-gallon bucket instead.

At her trial last September, a former curator at the zoo testified that other animals had been killed in similarly brutal ways: in one case, chickens were fed to pythons. A year prior a researcher at the National Zoo was found guilty of trying to poison stray cats.

Mogensen’s father owns the 30-acre zoo, which is closed for the winter but is scheduled to reopen in March.

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