PITTSBURGH — A North Side man is facing animal cruelty charges after police said he abandoned his pet Doberman and left it to die.

The Doberman was brought to the Animal Friends shelter Friday. Those at the shelter said that the dog has lost a lot of weight and also got sick.

According to officials, the dog’s owner, John Morrow, moved out of his Vensel Way home in Pittsburgh several months ago and left the dog behind.

Neighbors said they could hear the dog crying for several weeks and tried to rescue it but could not get into the house. “So why didn’t the neighbours call animal control earlier??”

“It hurts really bad. I’ll tell you. Any time a guy abuses any animal, it hurts the hell out of us. Matter of fact, most of our neighbors feel the same way,” said Jim McMillen, one of Morrow’s neighbors.

Police said this time is not the first Morrow has been charged with animal cruelty. “So stop dishing out suspended sentences for animal abusers…they are going to re-offend; for sure!”

News Link:http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/man-faces-animal-cruelty-chargers-after-abandoning/nTtYh/