This whole thing is a disgusting mess; which I think has been going on a long time before being found out; shouldn’t be eating equines in the first place. My horses have always been seen the same way as my dogs…my best friends & they should have the same rights as pets; not be in the same class as cattle & other farm animals (not that farm animals don’t need more care, they do & a lot less abuse too) Plus if farms etc. have nothing to hide, why do they want the Ag Gag bill brought in?? Catastrophes like this is one reason!! FFS…we kill trillions of animals to meet the human demand for meat.There is no need to be eating Horses, Veal, Mutton or any other baby animals…it’s just pure greed!! Thank heavens I’m virtually vegan, because if I was a meat eater & found out that I could have accidently eaten part of a horse knowing what medication is given to equines…It would definitely have turned my stomach, given me a heath scare & made me become vegetarian at the very least!

Tuesday's Horse

The equine meat scandal across the UK and EU now includes donkeys; what about the bute?

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The horse meat scandal deepened today amid claims some food sold in supermarkets may have contained DONKEY.

A law banning horse-drawn vehicles from Romanian roads could have to led to a surge in illegal meats, it was claimed.

. . . some of the meat which has turned up in Britain, France and Sweden could turn out to be donkey

Veteran campaigner and MEP Jose Bove said some of the meat which has turned up in Britain, France and Sweden could turn out to be donkey.

“Horses have been banned from Romanian roads and millions of animals have been sent to the slaughterhouse,” he said.

The startling revelation came as fresh tests revealed Tesco’s own-brand budget pasta ready meals were up to 100%…

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