“This poor girl really has been through the mill! As her story broke, donations from around the world, meant she could have the surgery to repair her face. But before surgery could commence, Kabang was diagnosed with Cancer. Since being in the US, Kabang has been having treatment for the cancer, & has become a much-loved dog by all that come into contact with her. Kabang has the heart of a lion & cheated death before when she was just a puppy!. Originally rescued by the owner & intended for the family’s dinner table  he couldn’t kill her because his daughters had become so attached to her. I pray now she will soon become well enough, to return to the Philippines & be back in the small village, with all her family, where this story first started; as a much-loved & heroic pooch!!”. 

It’s been a long road for Kabang. After battling cancer and heartworm, the hero dog who saved two girls in the Philippines from an oncoming motorcycle, finally received the first of her dental and facial surgeries to repair the damage she sustained while saving the girls.

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Kabang’s story is well-known by many animal lovers. Back in 2011 she threw herself in the path of a speeding motorcycle to prevent it from running over two girls.

In the process she lost her upper jaw and snout. Her story soon became known worldwide thanks to social media. Touched by her heroics people from all over the world donated to bring Kabang to UC Davis to receive the best care and receive re-constructive surgery.

Upon arrival at UC Davis it was discovered that Kabang was suffering from both cancer and heartworm disease. She needed to be treated for both before she could undergo any re-constructive surgeries. Finally on Tuesday Kabang was ready to begin her surgeries.

Dr. Boaz Arzi and Dr. Frank Verstraete at UC Davis performed Kabang’s first surgery this week. They removed two teeth and reconstructed her left eyelid. The procedure was performed without any complications and Kabang is recovering well. She will rest and recover from this surgery before receiving her final facial surgery later in the month.

To keep up to date on Kabang’s progress and care follow Care for Kabang on Facebook.

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/03/update-kabang-undergoes-her-first-reconstructive-surgery/

Kabang ‘Heroic Dog’ Beats Cancer

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