Tuesday's Horse

Published under the title “Editorial: Humane end for horses not really goal of slaughter legislation” on Tulsa World News Opinion page, written by World’s Editorial Writers, they say:

    In Oklahoma, it appears, being connected to a family business can qualify a legislator as someone with special expertise to propose legislation that would benefit that business.

    At least that’s the view of Skye McNiel, R-Bristow, who has proposed legislation that would allow horse slaughter in Oklahoma. She’s something of an expert on the business, because her family operates the largest horse auction house in the state. Emphasis added.

    She admits that legalized horse slaughter in Oklahoma could mean financial gain for her grandparents’ auction house, which is managed by her family. She used to work there, too, but now just helps out occasionally.

    But other horse auctioneers also would benefit from horse slaughter, so that makes it OK…

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