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MALACCA: The culling of almost 100,000 long-tailed macaques last year by the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) has turned into a controversy, with the decision being challenged here.

Kota Melaka MCA complaint bureau deputy chief Dr Yee Kok Wah said he found out that Johor topped the list with 20,600 of the primates culled, followed by Selangor (18,800), Perak (16,000), Kedah (13,000), Pahang (8,100) and Negri Sembilan (8,000).

The total number culled last year was 97,200, up from 87,900 in 2011.

“The primates should not have been exterminated as they were not diseased.

“We need to create a colony for them so that the monkeys can be relocated.

“We have a moral responsibility to look after the primates.

“They will not pose a danger to humans if they are relocated to the jungle,” he told The Star.

Dr Yee said Kyoto University’s Juichi…

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