“This poor fxxxxxg dog…what the hell did it do to deserve being beaten so badly it needed to be euthanized? I know what I would do with the piece sxxt…but I will remain a lady! I just hope justice is served & this cold heartless bastard gets what’s coming to him…I also hope he is ravaged nightly by evil dog demons that make him afraid to sleep…nothing less than he deserves!!”

A 37-year-old Columbia man suspected to have used a wooden board to beat a pit bull into a comatose state was arrested Friday on a felony charge of animal abuse.

The dog was euthanized as a result of its injuries, according to court documents

Two witnesses told a Columbia/Boone County Animal Control agent that William D.

William Smith

Smith beat the dog with a wooden 2-by-2 board March 8 at his home in Colonial Village Trailer Court, 2904 Range Line St., No. 76. The dog was found comatose in a puddle of blood and lung fluids when Animal Control officials arrived, according to court documents.

“The dog was gurgling and moaning in pain,” Molly Aust, Animal Control supervisor, wrote in the document.

Animal Control officials today could not confirm the dog’s age or who owned the dog, nor could they verify a motive for the incident. Smith does not have a previous history with Animal Control.

The dog’s head was distorted from swelling and abrasions that appeared to be a result of the beating, according to court documents.

“A flower pot with a considerable amount of blood was also present,” Aust wrote.

The board and flower pot were collected as evidence, and the dog was removed from the scene and euthanized.

An autopsy revealed injuries to the dog’s head, face, left forelimb and right hind limb. Other injuries included puncture wounds, a crushed frontal bone with a frontal lobe contusion and haemorrhaging.

A warrant for Smith’s arrest was issued Friday on suspicion of felony animal abuse, and Columbia police arrested him later that day.

The charge specifically alleges “torture and/or mutilation while animal was alive.” Smith remained in the Boone County Jail today with a $25,000 cash-only bond.

News Link:http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/crime/man-faces-animal-abuse-charge-after-pit-bull-is-beaten/article_ba489f2c-9576-11e2-a6d6-10604b9f6eda.html