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►PET.1 http://www.petitiononline.com/seasub/petition.html
►PET.2 https://www.change.org/petitions/office-of-the-indonesian-government-in-bali-honor-your-laws-and-protect-green-turtles-from-illegal-slaughter

PLEASE SEND THIS  “Letter of Protest to the Governor” MASSIVELY !
GOVERNMENT BALI office >>Jl. Basuki Rachmat Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. No Telepon, 0361 – 2246 71
+62811 3881 875 (SMS)
+62361703334 (Hotline)
EMAILS: info@baliprov.go.id , bali@profauna.net , info@sos-seaturtles.ch

Your Honour,

I’m very much concerned about how endangered sea turtles are being treated in your country. Until 10 years ago on Bali alone, an average of twenty thousand sea turtles per year were brutally cut out of their tortoiseshell alive! As a result of wise decisions by the Government, several actions by the Bali Police and campaigns by Indonesian and international animal welfare organizations, this number has fortunately dropped to 90 percent and according to latest investigations, even less nowadays. However, in view of the sea turtles being threatened with extinction, every animal counts.

Next to the damage on the environment, the killing of sea turtles is illegal according to the Indonesian Government decree No 7 /1999, and the trade of turtle products by CITES regulations.

Regarding to latest publications in international medias, I learnt that the Bali Government plans to give permission to the killing and trading of 1000 Turtles per year for Balinese rituals. It is obvious and a matter of fact, that such a decision will open the floodgates to uncontrolled killing again, because it will be impossible to control the number of animals slaughtered !

If this quota becomes reality, it would definitely damage the image of Bali and will have an impact on the number of visitors. Hundreds of thousands of people are very much concerned about Bali’s sea turtles and don’t consider such a decision as a national issue.

I very much hope that the killing of one thousand of sea turtles annually will never become reality !

Sincerely yours,….(Your name)
God has given a long life to those majestic creatures more than any other animal on earth ! not for be slaughtered by these primitive barbarians! are you agree with me ?
Sea turtles on Bali are once more in danger of being butchered. You can help prevent it. Once again we ask for your support. We have managed to put a stop to this slaughter before. But now the ‘turtle mafia’ on Bali is at it again. The governor of Bali is being pressured to permit slaughtering thousands of sea turtles for ‘religious purposes’.

The cages and slaughterhouses in Tanjung Benoa are now all empty and no more turtles are being traded in public places. While it is still possible to find some animals on the black market but they are now hard to find.

The number of killed and traded animals have dropped around 90 percent since the onset of the campaign! There were reasons to be proud. After an eight year battle against the Turtle mafia we seem to have won the war. Yet the issue is now rising its ugly head again.

Thanks to an intensive lobby by various interest groups, the Balinese Government are now considering permitting the killing and trading of a thousand sea turtles per year for Balinese rituals…!

Obviously such a decision will open the floodgates to uncontrolled killing once again and it will be impossible to control the number of animals slaughtered! We need to react now!
It is not too late to act. The opposition and the Pro Fauna organization in engaged in ongoing discussions on various political levels.

But they need our immediate support.
SOS-Seaturtles is already financially supporting the entire administration as well as initiating a petition during which thousands of letters of protest will be sent to the authorities.they are very concerned for Bali’s sea turtles and don’t consider such a decision just a domestic issue! Source

Bali Indonesia Turtles

Bali Indonesia Turtles

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