Dog’s Trust Bosnia has begun its campaign of mass sterilisation of stray and pet dogs in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. The proposed goal is to spay and neuter 3000 dogs by the end of June. Many of the rescuers we are involved with in Bosnia are assisting in this campaign, helping to catch dogs and bring them to the veterinary stations for the operation and also for treatment for parasites and other illnesses. The dogs are then put back on the street.dogstrust This is a much needed campaign, a count of the dogs last year showed that there were upwards of 11,000 strays in Sarajevo. As those of you who follow this blog know, many of these strays are routinely abused, shot, tortured. Also, you know that the shelters in Sarajevo are horrifically inadequate. Spay-neuter programs combined with education of the public is perhaps the only way to address…

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