DAYTON — One man faces seven counts of animal cruelty for the rancid conditions he was keeping his pit bull and her six puppies.

Dayton police officers were dispatched to the home of Michael Alan Cornett on a complaint that a door was left open at the residence, according to the police report.

Officers entered the home in the 400 block of Santa Cruz and started examining the conditions of the residence.

In the garage police found a black and white pit bull before entering the home to find the kitchen and the majority of the house filled with dog feces and garbage, according to the report.

The report also stated “it smelled like ammonia or animal urine and dog feces inside the home.”

In one of the bedrooms inside of the home police uncovered a cage containing six puppies.

“The cage had a urine soaked sheet at the bottom of it,” according to the report. “The puppies all were howling and jumping up on the side of the cage. There was no bowl of water and no food inside of the cage for the puppies.”

Animal control responded to the residence and Cornett said he would willingly give up the mother and her six puppies but wanted to keep a black and white pit bull that officers had seen in the garage. “WTF…surely this cold hearted shit, shouldn’t be allowed to own animals ever again…I just don’t get this legal system???”

Cornett received two citations for failure to license his dogs from animal control. The mother dog’s ribs and hip bones were protruding and she appeared malnourished. The puppies suffered from dehydration, said police.

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