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BACKGROUND | SOURCE OIPA (International Organization for Animal Protection)

Since 2009 in the streets of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, started the horrible practice of the “Dancing monkeys” or “Topeng Monyet”. These poor animals are forced by their owners to dress up in doll costumes, dance, ride scooters and bikes, and even smoke to make money entertaining tourists.

Behind this shame, there is an extended organization: some “bosses” started to buy and collect the monkeys for renting them to others who would use them to make money on the streets; making them dance, ride bikes, smoke, and other awful mistreatments. Some monkeys die during the first weeks of terrible training. Owners cut their teeth to protect themselves from bites.

In the country there is a huge capture of monkeys from the wild and monkey trade in local animals’ markets. In fact, people catch monkeys and sell them on the streets or…

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