BRIDGETON, Mo. – A Bridgeton woman was charged with animal abuse, this week, after police spotted her dog being dragged behind her pickup truck on I-70.

St. Charles Police say 33-year-old Amy Taylor was travelling between 60-and-65 miles an hour while dragging a dog named Coco on May 22.

Taylor told police she had just picked up the dog at a veterinarian and placed him in a small kennel in the back of the truck. She says she didn’t know how the dog got out and wound-up being dragged along the interstate.

Police say Taylor did, however, admit that she knew there were no screws to hold the kennel together. “So just how did she expect the dog to remain in a kennel with nothing to hold it together? stupid bxxxh!!”

Taylor has been charged with a misdemeanour.

Police say Coco was severely injured at the time but is now in good condition, expecting to make a full recovery.

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