WTF…I can’t believe the blatant way this sicko just puts his dog in the drain; it’s like he is just throwing out the trash. Please if anyone knows who this is or even has an idea, please contact local authorities. This bastard has to be found & justice prevailed. God only knows how that dog may have suffered before this final act of cruelty. I can’t believe his cry’s were heard, he was rescued, but then ran off; I just pray he didn’t go back to his masters house!! I haven’t been able to find out much more than what is posted below; but I will certainly keep my eyes open & update asap!”

Organization for animal rights and protection from Krusevac “ORPAK” sent an appeal to all citizens of Krusevac to help them find the person who threw a dog in the sewer in this town in central Serbia.

Man who without reason, while nobody was watching, threw a dog in an open sewer calmly went on his way. However, thanks to security cameras, it may be possible to determine who is the person in the video.

The organization ”ORPAK” is asking everyone to report the person if they recognize him via phone number +381(63)8822412 or to immediately call the police.

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This is not pleasant to watch, but if people don’t, this guy will never be caught unless he brags about it & someone blows the whistle on him.

Sick Bastard Drops Dog Down Drain – Please help find him

Published on 4 May 2013 Animal protection services have been contacted by worried citizens that they hear barking and squealing from the sewer. The team dispatched managed to rescue a young dog which immediately ran to the nearby park and tried to clean itself by rolling in grass.

It ran away from rescuers after that. Citizens are asked to help in the investigation by contacting animal protection society or police. The event horrified local population and media.