ALBANY, N.Y. – The Director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society tells NEWS10 the Albany County District Attorney’s office has made an arrest in the case of the abandoned and abused Railroad Puppies.

Hudson & Pearl

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office says 30-year-old Anthony Walker, of South Swan Street, was arrested in the case on January 14th. 

Anthony Walker

Three puppies were found by railroad workers apparently nailed by their paws to railroad tracks at North Pearl Street in Albany on September 8, 2013, and police have been investigating their abuse ever since.

Two of the puppies – Hudson and Pearl – were adopted by local families in early December after a long recovery. The third puppy died from her severe condition.

All three puppies had severe injuries to their paws when found; Pearl had two digits removed from her paw and Hudson’s rear left paw was completely removed and replaced with a new prosthetic paw at the Society on Nov. 12th by a veterinary surgeon.

Hudson and Pearl and have been happy and healthy at their new homes. Thursday they posted, “Today is a good day! They caught the person who did this to Hudson, Myself and our little sister who didn’t make it….” You can follow them on Facebook here.

Walker has been charged with one count of Abandonment of a Disabled Animal, a misdemeanor at this time. The District Attorney’s Office says the case is still under investigation and additional information is not available at this time.

Pearl’s mother, Susan Kittle, tells NEWS10, “I’m happy they caught the person and I hoping he gets the justice that he deserve, I hope Buster’s Laws gets enacted.

“[Hudson’s parents and I] talk every day. We have a very nice relationship. We do a lot of public outings together because people want to know how the railroad puppies are doing,” Kittle says. “We’re both interested in making sure [the puppies] have the last word.”

They ask any individuals with information regarding the injury of these animals are encouraged to contact the Albany Police Department 462-8039.

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