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UPDATE on the Egyptian governmental zoos – for more information, please see the entire campaign here:–hell-holes-for-animals.html

Last week Dina Zulfikar wrote to the Egyptian government:


Military General and Dr. Osama Selim, Chairperson of GOVS
Dear Dr. Alaa Morsy, Technical Office – GOVS

The amount of pictures of unacceptable conditions of captive animals in Giza Zoo and the 6 other governmental zoos is destroying the reputation of Egypt.

The current management is simply not providing means of care for the animals. We have been complaining and complaining, we provide evidence and pictures, we hope and ask for reforming the current system of governmental zoos of Egypt.

Please see message received by European Visitor on 8 August 2012:

Giza Zoo – 07.08.2012 – message sent by Carina Wirth

Hi Dina,
Marianne Lenner just gave me ur contact details. I am writing to you because I visited the…

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