OMG…even in UK my horse is rugged & its not that cold. This is deeply upsetting; I’m praying there are no little colts or filly’s because they couldn’t withstand the freezing weather! The BLM should either move them to an indoor facility or get the highest tog rating of rugs & rug them all!! Appalled

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Mary Cella of CNN HLN

They say horses and burros are hardy enough to survive in these temperatures-when even polar bears can’t withstand this cold!

As people across the country huddle indoors to escape arctic temperatures, millions of animals are stranded out in the cold.  Critics say the approximately 45 thousand wild horses that have been rounded up by the government’s Bureau of Land Management are in grave danger.  These horses hide from the cold in nooks and crannies when they’re in the wild.  Now, they’re stranded in holding pens out in the open.
We reached out the Bureau of Land Management for comment, and the Bureau’s Jeff Krauss responded:
“Wild horses and burros live in rugged weather conditions, both hot and cold, on the range throughout the year. 

Wild horses at holding facilities are provided with man-made and natural wind breaks. In contrast, there are not many natural…

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