As a horse owner, one should check at least twice daily that the horses are ok. This just makes me fuming, the horses died due to lack of attention! I hope he is never allowed to own horses again!!

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MAGNA, Utah — The owner of 10 horses found dead in a Magna pasture this July was criminally charged Thursday in connection with their deaths. The Utah Veterinary Lab ruled the cause of death as dehydration.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill filed 11 counts of cruelty to an animal against Shamus Josef Haws. They are Class C misdemeanors. Ten of the horses died but the eleventh survived.

Gill told FOX 13 News his staff looked at two major factors when determining these charges; the type of animal and the intent. Based on information surrounding those two factors, Gill said felony charges were not warranted.

In Utah, horses are considered property and with no evidence of intentional harm, Gill told FOX 13 News the misdemeanor charges filed against Haws are appropriate in this case.

“This is not that anybody found any evidence of any intentional wrongdoing…

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