Animal activists stage protest in Beijing against China’s barbaric annual dog meat festival which sees tens of thousands of canines beaten to death and cooked

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“Nobody will die if dog & cat are taken off the menu!!!”


  • Around 30 animal campaigners carried out the protest today in bid to stop Yulin dog meat festival in China
  • The controversial festival sees as many as 10,000 animals butchered and eaten on summer solstice  
  • A petition signed by over 11 million people has been submitted to the authority, animal charity claimed
  • During the event, activists called Yulin in rural Guangxi Province a ‘scumbag’ and ‘a total embarrassment’ to China

A group of animal activists staged a protest today in Beijing in a bid to stop a Chinese dog-eating festival set to occur later this month.

This must stop: A group of around 30 animal activists staged a protest today in Beijing in a bid to stop the Yulin dog meat festival

The demonstration, initiated by three animal protection groups, submitted a petition allegedly signed by over 11 million people, calling on the Chinese authorities to end the Yulin dog meat festival.

The annual festival, which takes place in south China’s Guangxi Province, sees tens of thousands of animals beaten to death, cooked and sold on the market to celebrate summer solstice.

Around 30 activists carried out the protest outside of the Yulin government office as the petition was presented to the authority by three animal charities: Humane Society International, VShine and Beijing Mothers Against Animal Cruelty.

Pictures from today’s event show animal campaigners, many of whom brought their own pet dogs, holding signs saying ‘Scumbag of China’ in English and ‘Shame on Yulin’ in Simplified Chinese.

Wendy Higgins, the Director of International Media at Humane Society International, said over 11 million signatures had been collected worldwide through the internet to demand the festival to stop.

The petition also included signatures gathered by four other international animal welfare organisations. They are RaiseURPaw in Canada as well as the Duo Duo Project, Care2 and Avaaz from the United States.

The petition has been accepted by officials from the Yulin government in Beijing, according to Ms Higgins.

Peter Li, the China Policy Expert at Humane Society International, attended the protest in Beijing today.

Mr Li told MailOnline:

‘There was a huge presence of police, but our hand-in went very peacefully. It was a great feeling to join with our Chinese partner group activists in Beijing today, there was a tremendous sense of determination to get our voices heard to the global media, and to let the world know that many people across China want the brutal Yulin dog meat festival shut down.

He added: ‘We gave a show of strength and defiance against the dog thieves and the blatant animal cruelty, to say loudly – you will not steal our best friends! 

‘I hope that the authorities listen, they really should do as the strength of public upset about Yulin and the trade here in China is really growing.

‘Next stop for me is Yulin, where I have been a number of times before, for the grim task of visiting the slaughterhouses before the festival starts.’

329f258d00000578-0-image-a-62_1465547648595Sickening feast: Residents in Yulin tucked in their dinner made with dog meat during last year’s festival. Many of the animals, which were caged and beaten before being slaughtered, are thought to be stolen pets!

Xu Yufeng, founder of Beijing Mothers Against Animal Cruelty who were also present at the protest, said: ‘Yulin is a total embarrassment to China. 

‘Its failure to stop mass dog slaughter and mass dog consumption shows that the local authorities are not doing their job to protect the people, especially young children.

‘We urge the Yulin authorities to stand on the right side of history and to end the “festival” in the interests of public security, food safety, social morality and China’s reputation.’ 

Another member of the protesters, Pan Danyang from China-based small animal protection group VShine, said:

‘This is the third year of our participation in the nation-wide campaign against the Yulin dog meat festival. ‘Since we have over the last few years helped accommodate dogs rescued from the dog meat trade, we know Yulin’s dog meat market relies on dogs from suspicious sources. ‘I hope that Yulin authorities will take actions to stop the dog trucks from going into their city so that the mass slaughter on the summer solstice day won’t happen.’


Visitors play with rescued dogs at a shelter ran by Yang Xiaoyun in Tianjin, China, July 8, 2015. Yang said she spent 300,000 RMB (48,248 USD) to purchase 500 dogs to rescue them from dog meat dealers at Yulin’s annual dog meat festival last month. She keeps more than 1,000 dogs in her shelters, mostly abandoned or she purchased from dog meat traders. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon


To learn more & signn other petitions, please visit the following, just a handful of sites that contain very informative material:-

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Four Puppies Bludgeoned To Death With Shovel

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“WTF…seriously is there any wonder animal abuse is so rife, when they admit but still don’t go to jail?? This guy admitted doing this!! Lets prey the state Attorney’s office will review this case, & throw the cold hearted bastard, preferably in a 10 Foot pit of mud; or failing that, jail will do!! Absolutely Sickened by this… Should someone like this, with the mind of a psycho, allowed to roam free; amongst decent caring folk? Especially when they have admitted to killing innocent beings, in such a vulgar & barbaric way? No they shouldn’t, & heads should fxxxxxg role for this!”

MOON LAKE, Fla. – As a dog owner and adopter, Lori King couldn’t fathom the idea that someone could kill innocent puppies. 

And yet that’s what happened to four tiny pit bulls, just a few weeks old. 

King called the Pasco County sheriff’s office after finding out that the dogs had been buried in a shallow grave along Catalona Avenue in Moon Lake Estates.  Her boyfriend’s son, Martin Smith, owned the dogs.  Deputies said his friend, David Thompson, carried out the killings.

Investigators accused Thompson, 21, of beating the puppies with a shovel until they were dead.

Thompson was charged with animal cruelty and taken to the Land O’ Lakes jail.  Deputies said Smith helped bury the dogs, and admitted they were killed because he couldn’t afford to keep them anymore. “

“I asked them to dig them up and make sure they weren’t still alive, I was so upset,” said King.  “I would have done anything.  It did not have to happen.  It’s just terrible,” she said.

Animals are a way of life for many residents in Moon Lake.  Many wondered why the owner didn’t contact somebody or some group for help.

“Plenty of shelters around here,” said William Davidson, who owns multiple dogs and cats.  “They even got the dog pound running around here once a day and picking up little stray dogs,” Davidson said.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said Robyn Romero,  whose family owns several animals.  “How could you do that to an innocent little breathing creature?  I just can’t imagine,” she said.

Deputies didn’t charge Smith, even though he admitted to burying the dead dogs in the dirt.  The state attorney’s office will review the case and decide if additional charges should be filed.

Thompson was held on $5,000 bond. “Whoppee fxxxxxg do, stop wasting time & money with all this bail & bond bullshit, just throw their sick backsides into jail; until we come up with another way of confining these animal killers, so that they too…suffer!!!”

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Garbage Man Rescues Puppy From Trash : Video To Follow

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“I really don’t understand some people, one would have to have a heart made of stone, to put that little face in a bag & toss it out with the trash! Imagine how horrific it would have been, had the guy not seen the bag move! I’m just praying justice is served now; as the bitch that did this, along with possibly more, needs to pay dearly!”

Michael Upchurch used to not think too much about what was in the bags of trash he dumped everyday as a garbage man.

Then last week he saw something moving in one of the bags. Upchurch stopped the truck from crushing the bag and saved a 6-week-old puppy.

Last Wednesday Upchurch was working collecting garbage in Muncie, Indiana when he and his coworker, who was also riding on the back of the truck, heard whimpering.  They both thought the noise was coming from each other, and then Upchurch spotted something. “Out of the corner of my eye in the bag, it was a blue recycle bag by the way, I seen his head moving. I said ‘Stop the truck,’” Upchurch recalled. “It was a terrible sound. This ole’ doggy here hollering. ‘Save me.’  I guess in doggy talk.”

Upchurch pulled the puppy out. The puppy looked frozen so Upchurch did what he could to warm him up, taking him into the truck and blasting the heat. “I turned on the heat right here with the heat on full blast,” said Upchurch. The puppy was then rushed to the Westview Animal Clinic for emergency care. The puppy has made a speedy recovery and is now at home with his rescuer and new owner Upchurch.

Upchurch has given the puppy the name Garby. “I knew I had to adopt him,” said Upchurch. He and his wife had been discussing getting a new puppy for a while and are thrilled to have Garby safe at home with them. “It’s been great. I’m just happy that (Garby) is safe and alive and we’re going to treat him really well,” said Upchurch’s wife Shelley.

Upchurch’s sister is also happy for her brother and Garby. She is the director of Muncie’s Animal Rescue Fund and is not surprised at all by her brother’s actions. “I was not surprised because my brother, he’s a great guy, and that’s just the kind of guy that he is,” she said.

The woman responsible for throwing Garby away is being investigated by the city’s Criminal Investigations Division. She allegedly admitted to previously throwing away two or three other puppies. “I hope she is haunted by a million pairs of puppy eyes staring at her, each time she try’s to sleep…the heartless bitch!”

She told the director of the Muncie Animal Shelter, Phil Peckinpaugh, that she thought the puppy was suffering from PARVO and had died when she put it in the trash. Peckinpaugh says she has been cited with animal neglect and animal cruelty. “You would have to be pretty dense to not notice if an animal was breathing or not, it’s not hard, this is just more of a typical excuse, I hope she gets the full force of the law thrown at her!”

After this experience Upchurch is concerned about what might be in other trash bags. He hopes people learn from this, “I kinda hope this will make people think a second before they do this ’cause there’s so much help out there.”

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Animal Cruelty Suspect in Spring Valley Sought by County Authorities: Dog Found In Trash

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“WTF…only a cold-hearted non-feeling, inhumane bastard, could do something like this. The dog was alive when it was tied in a bag…& it was found alive…but euthanized due to its poor condition. Whoever owned this dog, knew it would suffer & slowly die; how fxxxxxg cruel is that? Who could do a thing like that?? Somebody must have seen this dog alive & in someone’s back yard at some point, it clearly wasn’t looked after properly while it was alive; it’s coat was very matted which would have been very noticeable! Who know’s what terrible abuse this poor dog suffered whilst alive, before being dumped & left to suffocate to death!! Did this person live near the school? Did they dump the poor dog from a car or on foot?”

“This dog was 10 years old…please think about it…have you noticed the neighbours dog has disappeared? Cocker spaniel’s are easily identified by their long ears, & shaggy coats, often curly hair which covers their whole body. However this owner totally neglected to brush the dogs coat. They are very placid dogs who love attention & love to give it, especially wet kisses…I have never met a Cocker Spaniel that hasn’t wanted lots of cuddles; they are an adorable breed, anyone who has one would agree with me!”

“Look around you, please anyone with any information, even if you think it is not linked; a neighbour may have said their dog died of natural causes or it was taken to vets due to illness…come on guy’s, unless this dog was locked in a basement for 10 years, never to be seen…somebody know’s who it belonged to. Please contact the numbers below. This person needs to be found & convicted; before they go buy another dog, which they will soon neglect!!”

A 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel was found in a trash bin at Mount Miguel High School. The animal’s condition was so severe, it had to be euthanized that same day.

The County of San Diego Department of Animal Services is looking for any witnesses or information regarding a severely neglected dog that was found in a large trash bin Saturday, Jan. 5 at Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley.

Found alive in trash bin

The dog, a tan-coloured, 10-year-old neutered male cocker spaniel, was wrapped in a blanket and placed in a black plastic trash bag, which was tied shut and put in the school trash bin.

When found, the dog’s coat was so severely matted that it is likely the dog could not walk. The animal’s condition was so severe; he had to be euthanized at the Department’s animal care center in Bonita that same day. No medical intervention would have reversed the condition of the dog.  

Whoever did this horrific act needs to be found and held accountable,” said Animal Services Director Dawn Danielson.

If you saw anyone near the school dumpsters on Friday, Jan. 4 or Saturday, Jan. 5 dumping a large black plastic bag or have any information about this case, contact Deputy Director Dan DeSousa at (619)767-2624 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

A $1,000 reward is being offered by San Diego Animal Advocates for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this dog’s suffering. If a suspect is identified, he or she could face felony animal abuse charges, punishable by imprisonment in state prison and a $20,000 fine.

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Investigators Looking To Find Those Responsible For Dog Found Buried Shot & Buried Allive

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“Come on friends, if you think you have any information no matter how irrelative you think it might be, please contact the number below. This is a particularly nasty & violent crime, somebody wanted that poor dog to die a slow miserable death, anyone that can do that to a dog is a danger to society in general; evil bxxxxxd’s…watch video’s below!”

Animal Services in Hillsborough County, Florida are asking for the community’s help to find the person responsible for committing a horrible crime to a 2-year-old pit bull mix breed. The dog, who investigators have named Phoebe, was found buried up to her neck in sand and shot twice. It’s a miracle that she is alive.

On October 29th the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous call reporting shots fired at a vacant home.

Deputies arrived on the scene to find Phoebe buried alive in the backyard. Phoebe was rescued with the help of Animal Services officers. “What they saw was a dog, her head protruding from the ground still alive,” said Animal Services investigation manager Pam Perry. “The dog was whimpering. It appeared from the area in the backyard. There were blood trail. There was also blood coming from the dog’s head.”

Phoebe was brought to the emergency vet where she spent a week recovering. She not only had her gun shot wounds to recover from, but she weighed only 30 pounds. “It’s a miracle that this dog is even alive,” said Perry. Phoebe has survived and is putting weight on, but she will still need some time to completely recover from her injuries. Once she is recovered she will be looking for a good home.

Investigators are appealing to the community to please come forward with any information that they may have about this incident. The only lead they have received so far is from a neighbour who has seen teenagers hanging out at the vacant home. “Anyone please, please come forward. You can remain anonymous,” said Perry. If you have information you are asked to call Hillsborough Animal Services at (813) 744-5660.

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